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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Jenny asks…

Photos of house siding appear wavy when I upload them to a website photo gallery. How to fix?

The digital version of the siding photos looks normal but once I upload them to the website, the siding looks all wavy and distorted. How to fix? Not a good advertisement for business this way!

scottparat answers:

Make sure your photos are optimized for online use. This is where an experienced web programmer earns a living. Websites often manipulate photos by reducing the resolution or compressing them because it saves space on their storage system and allows graphics to load/display faster.

Bottom line… Its not a photo problem. Its a web problem.

Charles asks…

How do you find out what Graphics Card you have?

The front of my computer says Intel Inside; Celeron but i dont really know what that means, I went to the website to update the graphics card but Im not sure which one i have, any way of figuring it out?

scottparat answers:

1. Go to your start menu and click on run program
2. Type in dxdiag
3. It should pop a window that has all the info of your computer. Click on Display

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Profitable Scripts Question

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Email Question

James asks… how do u forwafd email? new comp half blind-how do I forward email scottparat answers: After the email is opened you will see ARROWS above the opened email…click on the one pointing RIGHT to forward……to REPLY click on the one pointing LEFT….double left arrow is for replying to all email addresses in that […]

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