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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Jenny asks…

Photos of house siding appear wavy when I upload them to a website photo gallery. How to fix?

The digital version of the siding photos looks normal but once I upload them to the website, the siding looks all wavy and distorted. How to fix? Not a good advertisement for business this way!

scottparat answers:

Make sure your photos are optimized for online use. This is where an experienced web programmer earns a living. Websites often manipulate photos by reducing the resolution or compressing them because it saves space on their storage system and allows graphics to load/display faster.

Bottom line… Its not a photo problem. Its a web problem.

Charles asks…

How do you find out what Graphics Card you have?

The front of my computer says Intel Inside; Celeron but i dont really know what that means, I went to the website to update the graphics card but Im not sure which one i have, any way of figuring it out?

scottparat answers:

1. Go to your start menu and click on run program
2. Type in dxdiag
3. It should pop a window that has all the info of your computer. Click on Display

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