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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Paul asks…

Is there anyway whatsoever to to update the ATI Radeon 1250 graphics driver?

I went onto the website for the ATI Drivers and also the company that made my computer (Acer), and coul not find jack. And help would be appreciated. Thanks.

scottparat answers:

I tried searching for these drivers and also couldn’t find them. It’s possible that the card is so old, that ATI doesn’t support it anymore. But, try this…

Open your Device Manager. If you’re using Windows XP, click Start, go to Settings and select Control Panel. Double click System and click the Hardware Tab and then select Device Manager. If you’re using Vista, Device Manager should be it’s own icon in the Control Panel.

Once the Device Manager is open, expand the Display Adapters field. Right click your video card and select Update Driver.

Hopefully that works.

Thomas asks…

How do I make Facebook (graphics) work with Safari on my Powerbook g4?

Small link photos on Facebook do not appear and instead, shows these blue boxes with a question mark and it does the same with other websites. I think my powerbook g4 still runs on Jaguar OS. I am having difficulty selling this laptop because Facebook doesn’t work! Facebook usually is on a left alignment format. I desperately need help on this one.

scottparat answers:

It is unrelated to alignment. Left is the default. Safari doesn’t have special settings for image alignment. It is also nothing to do with FaceBook, as you can tell — other sites show the same missing connection. It is with Safari. Go to the top menu bar:
Safari > Preferences > Appearance. Put a check for “Display images when the page opens”. If that is not the problem…

Right-click one of those “?” image spaces, and look for “Copy image location”. If you do not see that, but see something about javascript instead, it could be related to your Safari javascript setting. Many web designers nowadays use javascript to track things. In the top menu bar, go to Safari > Preferences > Security. Put a check for “Enable JavaScript”.

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