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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Helen asks…

How do you create codes for graphics?

Like the ones you would copy and paste to a website.

I have the graphics, but I don’t know how to make the code so people can put use them on their web pages.

scottparat answers:

Don’t understand your question

normally display it on your website then can copy it and display it on theres otherwise make the folder where your images are public, and they would need a link to your images, then they’ll use this in their

Sharon asks…

Why is there a white square over all the plants in sims 3. Which graphics option do I need to tweak?

Just reinstalled the sims 3 and now all the plants in both town and house view are not rendering correctly. They are displaying as 2D white squares with the item inside. Thanks in advance.

scottparat answers:

See if there is a patch available at the Sims 3 website.

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