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Website Graphics Package Question

Robert asks…

How do i stop my laptop lagging when scrolling, minimizing, maximizing ?!?

I just installed xp pro on my new toshiba satellite, and I know this is happening because the graphics drivers arent instlalled, and its using generic windows graphics. I can’t find the right drivers to install. Can someone please help ?

scottparat answers:

Definitely sounds like video drivers. Go to Toshiba’s website and search for your laptop model number. It can be a bit confusing as they probably have more than one video driver package for download on any given laptop model but within a few tries you should be able to get the right driver. Http://

Paul asks…

I want to become a full time web designer, what are the most important skills to have outside of design?

Obviously layout design, graphic design, etc. are important for website creation. But what are the most important programming languages and applications to understand?

scottparat answers:

It all depends on what type of sites you intend to Develop. Basic informational sites will require HTML, javascript, css, and knowledge of some of the graphics packages. If they are commerce sites, you will probably need additional knowledge of common programming languages such as .NET, JAVA, jsp , asp, sql and the database tools.

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