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Website Graphics Question

Susan asks…

How do I know which driver to download for my graphics card?

So my friend sold me his video card, and from crosschecking pictures im pretty sure it is a radeon 5570 series etc.
However when I go to the website, click desktop graphics then search for the graphics card, and download it, my graphics card still won’t go into effect. What do I do?
When I looked at the device from cpu z it says that this device cannot start, any reason why?

scottparat answers:

Use CPU-Z (google it and download it)
To find out the exact version of your video card
Then download your drivers.

Michael asks…

What is the latest graphics driver for Dell Dimension E310?

I have a Dell Dimension E310 PC, with XP Media Center. I am looking for graphics driver updates, but I can only find drivers from 2006 on Dell’s website. The integrated graphics are intel. I was wondering if intel had any updated drivers themselves.

Firstly, is it OK to use graphics drivers from the graphics card’s maker instead of the PC’s maker?
Secondly, can someone give me a link to the latest graphics drivers avalible for this system?

scottparat answers:

Hi brian
the dell dimension E310 uses a specific intergrated graphics processor or i.g.p and these can only be downloaded from the intel support page on their website,you can find the precise page you need at
however brian intel dont update their drivers as much as other graphic card vendors like nvidia and ati,but the latest graphic driver for your pc was last updated on 15/2/2007(ati driver)
however since the intergrated graphics seem to be from ati well you should be able to download the same driver from their website,or it may be that you have the pc with intel graphics and not ati
when updating your graphic drivers its also a good idea to update your direct x aswell,you can download the latest DirectX® End-User Runtime from
you probally wont see much of a performance boost by updating the drivers however since your system supports the pci-express bus (slot) theres a excellent card on offer at the moment in the shape of the ASUS NVIDIA 9600GSO 512MB MAGIC ( and at only £37.71 inc. VAT this is miles ahead of any onboard graphic set up and will allow you to run the latest games at reasonable detail and resolution
i hope this helps,any problems let me know
good luck brian !

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