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Website Graphics Question

Ken asks…

How to Make a Simple Family Website?

I just want to make a simple family website without flashy graphics and text. I don’t want to hire a webdesigner since it is not commercial and all I want is to keep our relatives updated about our family members’ affairs. Where shall I start?

scottparat answers:

You need a domain name. A domain name is your digital address in the world wide web. Example of domain name is You can use your family name as domain name. Second you need a software to make a website. There is an easy click and install software provided free at the templates are free, so you dont need to worry about design. And last get a reliable webhosting company. A webhost is a service that keeps all your files in your family website. If you need more information about webhosting, check out

Donna asks…

I would like to learn website designing how can I learn the website designing?

I would like to learn website designing how can I learn the website designing online or as a course and what are the content of website designing.Is graphics such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver are also necessary to learn.

scottparat answers:

It depends on how much freedom you want when designing a website. You can start easily by learning some basic HTML, there are many tutorials of the internet. However, if you plan on making dynamic web content such as forums or blogs, hard coding it would take a long time. There are many pre-designed packages available for free that allow you to create dynamic web content.

Graphic design comes in pretty handy in web design, mostly for resizing and compressing images. But you can do that without any expensive software packages.

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