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Website Graphics Question

Sandra asks…

Good Occupation in the Canadian Forces Military?

Hello. I just graduated high school, and I am planning on joining the Canadian Forces Army. I was wondering what is a good occupation in the army. I was thinking of doing Armored Soldier(driving tanks and stuff) Or also interested in being an electrician in the army.

Some of my interests rite now are:

Computer stuff (technical / coding / website / graphics)
Driving 4×4’s, atv’s and dirt bikes

any suggestions? Thanks

scottparat answers:

I think you should be an electrician. Cause two of your points there would help [vs. 1 for the other], and its safer.

But it depends whether you want to take more risks, then I’d go with soldier.

Good 4 u joining our army :)

Michael asks…

Any ideas for me on how to make money online?


i need money, because i’m broke, totally :) i have some debts, and i have no idea, how to make money. i think about some small business online, but i don’t know what can i do. i can create websites, graphics (Photoshop etc.), editing films, i worked in public relations. but these competence are not perfect. maybe blog + affiliate marketing? but only on free hosting, because i can’t buy domain and server. any ideas ?

scottparat answers:

Well i have made money online, and do still make money online. You will have to work you cant expect to earn by doing nothing. But if you truly want to earn some money bum marketing is no scam. You will not get rich over night if ever but you can make some really good money. Just search “bum marketing travis sago”, it cost you nothing and im earning nothing for telling you about it.

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