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Website Graphics Question

Michael asks…

What is a good website to find comments or graphics about being an oilfield babe?

I am redoing my Myspace and my fiance is in the oilfield which is a hard life to live but I am very proud of him and I would like to show that through my Myspace but I can’t find any websites with graphics on it about oilfield anything!!

scottparat answers:

Wow that may end up being very hard to find! You will be better off creating your own probably.

Chris asks…

How do I retrieve the super administrator’s username and password for Joomla 1.5?

My web designer, who created my website through Joomla 1.5 decided she no longer wants to maintain my website. I need to make corrections on the website graphics, but cannot without being able to get into the backdoor. How do I go about getting this username and password through Joomla? There is no phone number to call this company. My hosting company is and I just renewed my account with them. Anyone??

scottparat answers:

If you can use PHPMyAdmin or go to the control panel of 1and1 then you can change it there.

If you have CPANEL :
1 – Open cpanel (
2 – Enter the login info
3 – Find PHPMyAdmin and click on it
4 – Click on your bdd
5 – Find the users table and click on it
6 – Click on show
7 – Find the administrator usename and click on the edit button (pencil)
8 – Find the password and change it,
9 – Change function to MD5
10 – Click on execute

Write to me if you have more question

You can also kindly request your password.

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