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Website Graphics Software Question

Betty asks…

What is the best website making software on the market?

-I’d like to be able to do anything that a professional site contains, with ease
-I’d like to know how to actually publish my site, using your recommended software
-I’d like a log-in feature available
Which adobe dreamweaver is better, cs4 or cs3?

scottparat answers:

The best and most user friendly website making software available is Adobe Dreamweaver, I would recommend you purchase the software legally but it is available for download on the internet. It is the best software and most user friendly, I use it myself. There is a built in feature in the software which lets you send you completed site to your web hosting account. You will need to pay for the site name and hosting space. This is usually paid on a yearly basis and there are plenty of companys online to choose from.

You could also just download a Content Management System. The benefits of this are that the website is already created for you and you just format the text and add your own graphics and pictures after downloading it to your website hosting account. Joomla would be the best one for you as it is also free. “”

Both Dreamweaver releases are very similar. They only update the software in very small ways with each release, early versions of the software such as Dreamweaver 4 are perfectly acceptable for website creation 8 odd years after there release.

James asks…

Is there a website for handmade jewelry using vintage images and recycled items? What is Epsy?

I heard of a place called epsy that sells handmade items but I can’t find it anywhere. I am looking for jewelry using vintage graphics.
Does anyone have a suggestion on where to look for this kind of thing?

scottparat answers:

Kwax is a online jewelry store and we offer the kind of jewelry you need with more competitive price than your local, you can also send the designs that you need to us and we make them for you. If you need to buy any kind of jewelry, Please don?t hesitate to contact us, any of your reply will be highly appreciated.
We are taking special orders to. We can create personalized medallions, wedding sets, pendants, earrings, service awards, using a picture, sketch, or create a 3D visual model with computer software.
We will also hand carve exclusive designs. Whether it be a wax carving or metal engraving, we can create a custom design

from a hand drawing, or a photograph.
If Sterling Silver is your thing, or just want something a little different, whatever it is we’ll make it!
If you have your original work design we can make rubber molds of that design, and you can produce it how many you want.
Everyday new items are available. Check my STORE frequently.

Our jewelry web site is:

Kwax Jewelry is a great web site to buy ALL of your jewelry needs! Its a ONE STOP SHOP saves you time and it saves you money since the prices on the items are so reasonable!..The more you buy the more you save! Also have you ever thought of having your own jewelry store making your own jewelry this is a great site to buy all your jewelry tools needs etc..! very low prices! If you have any questions on jewelry making or any other information you may contact me I will be glad to help! Jewelry is a great investment never goes out of style great way to make money! We do Jewelry Repairs,Personalized Jewelry,Silver Gold charms rings bracelets necklaces Jewelry tools..etc…Low prices High quality! Great Value! Great site for people who are new to jewelry!


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