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Website Graphics Software Question

Jenny asks…

How to find out how much video memory a graphics card is using?

I want to monitor the graphics cards memory to see if i need to upgrade it. Also if there is a why to monitor its GPU that would be useful also. I run both windows and Linux.

scottparat answers:

Your graphics card Make (people who make it) will have software on their website that will monitor both. This is the case most of the time, not always, with good brands like Asus, Gigabyte, Nvidia. The software may also tell you the temperature of the GPU and also the fan/s speed (if you have a fan/s). Look up the exact model of your graphics card on Google and go onto the Makers website and go to something like: Downloads, Help and Support, Drivers or whatever looks like it would have software!

Hope this helps!

George asks…

Where can I find someone to make a commercial graphic/clipart?

Is there a good website where a graphics designer will make an image just the way you’d like it? For commercial use. Thanks.
Yes. Completely designing a website logo for my commercial website based on my requests.

scottparat answers:

Can you narrow it down? What do you have in mind? Customizing an image, photo or clip art for you, or completely designing something for you from scratch, based on your wants?

*I might be able to help with you with that. I have all the software to do a number of things with designing and building websites. If you want to see a website that I did, you can look at to get an idea of my work.
If your interested, you can email me with some details of what you want. Also how fast you need it by. My email is

When I looked into custom logo’s, web designers quoted me $200.00 and higher. I would suggest searching for a web designer forum. Normally you can read what other people say about them, and their normally freelancers and are less expensive.

The “free” logo makers online, are ok for basic logos, however the only thing that you can customize is the text. You choose from different images to use. Also most of the free online or downloadable software adds their watermark to your logo.

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