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Website Graphics Software Question

Paul asks…

What is good software for compiling animation?

I tried working around in Flash 8, but the 16k frame limit is frustrating due to how the final video is going to be roughly half an hour.
The 2D graphics, music, sound effects, voices, etc, are already done; the question is if there’s an easy-to-use program to upload them into and re-arranged around to compile it into an animation.

Using Vista at the time. I miss the old XP Windows Movie Maker, that would’ve sufficed beautifully.

scottparat answers:

I highly recommend iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator, it can help you to make flash slideshow,flash banner, slideshow album, photo gallery for web design.

In addition, its official website provides step by step tutorial such as

Make a Graduation Slideshow Album with Music

Make a Christmas Ornaments Photo Presentation with Hyperlink

Make a Christmas Photo Album with Music

Make a Flash Slideshow with Music

Make a flash banner for webpage with hyperlink

Make a Valentine’s Day Slideshow with Music

Laura asks…

What is a command to make a script wait untill the internet website has loaded?

Ok. I am playing around with software called AutoHotkey. And I am trying to make google search for something using it. But it types in my search before the page has loaded.

I have used Sleep, 4000 – which seems to work

But I would like something which waits for the page to load. (so if the internet is running slow it still works etc…)

scottparat answers:

The answer is JavaScript. I would normally place the answer directly on Yahoo Answers, but in this case, I don’t think that it would be appropriate to place this tutorial as an answer here.

Check it out, Pre-Loading Pages:

Thanks, GladToHelp

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