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Website Graphics Tools Question

Susan asks…

Is it possible to create a professional looking website using only free tools?

Just wondering. Could a web designer with great skills create websites without using expensive Adobe programs, but only free online programs?

scottparat answers:

Yes, they can. There are many opensource tools available freely for example.

Inkscape vector graphics editor :
GIMP Graphics/Image Editors:
Notepad ++ Html, CSS, etc. Editor:

Linda asks…

Theres this website where you make your own glitters but I forget the name of the site?

I found a website once where you could draw a picture and than add glitter to it. Now I forget the site. Do you know that website or a site like it?

scottparat answers:


Or a very nice online graphics editor with effects and animation tools:


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Source for Public Domain Images….Great Find!

Check out the image of the eagle…it’s in the public domain. That means I can use it anyplace I’d like….I can even sell it! I’m fascinated by Public Domain property and the possibilities it presents when considering website building and internet marketing. Heck, you’re really limited to your imagination when it comes to the subject […]

Email Marketing Services Question

Paul asks… I am looking for companies who would like to become distributors of an email marketing service in Europe.? I am the international marketing coordinator of my company. We have had our share of success with our email marketing platform and we are currently seeking for companies in the area of interactive media, direct […]

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