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Website Graphics Tools Question

Thomas asks…

Playstation website and Youtube not working on Playstation browser?

The other day I tried to watch youtube videos on my ps3 but they didnt work. Other websites work but when I go to playstation home nothing shows up and the browser screen is black. When I go to youtube it just says youtube XL but I can’t do anything. It wasn’t doing this a few days ago. Can someone please tell me what’s wrong?

scottparat answers:

The playstation website was just updated and uses the newest version of java and flash player . It’s no longer compatible with the ps3 browser except to access and read the blog from the browser link , because the browser uses older versions of flash and java . Flash is used for website videos and graphics and java for signing in so this makes the ps3 browser pretty useless .

I haven’t tried youtube recently but it should still work on youtube xl . Maybe you have to clear your browser ? You should access tools on the ps3 browser before each use and delete cookies , delete the cache and keep the history cleared or else it freezes and won’t load pages well .
Sony is aware of the browser problems , but the more people who e-mail or phone playstation support to complain the faster they’re likely to fix it so call 1-800-345-sony or e-mail their support site and file a complaint

Donna asks…

What is a software I can use that designs websites for free?

I’m also knew to creating websitses, so a link to a website-making tutorial would also be great!

scottparat answers:

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any software to your computer.
It ‘s easy to use and you can create custom Flash animations scrolling Time as if you were working with video editing.
There are thousands of vector graphics (buttons, wallpapers,etc…) and dozens of fonts to use for your text and you can even upload files from your PC.
I Think this is a service that goes beyond templates, or any sites that offer you only pre-set themes and graphic effects that can be changed up to 2 colors and on its text content.
It’s highly customizable and is a Flash CMS that continuously developing , with which you create your own multimedia content through an intuitive graphic user interface without knowing a line of programming.
If you have problems ,don’t worry , you’ll never be alone, you can signup at the forum where you can ask for any explanation here

With Premium Option you can use your personal Domain

Finally, I send you a link to YouTube where you can see how this tool work

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