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Website Graphics Tools Question

James asks…

How long would it take to learn programming from scratch?

I know next to nothing about programming or web design.

My question is, if I wanted to create a respectable looking website from scratch, not using a CMS or frontpage or anything like that..How long would it take me to acquire the neccessary skills to do so?

And what would I have to learn?

I would appreciate any info, I want to know whether its worth it to invest time/money into doing so.

scottparat answers:

Learning graphics and a little bit of design (and how to work a graphcis program) it should take you a couple of months. Took me around that long to learn everything from scratch. I had my first website on free hosting and i made the images and logo myself too.

All you need for a basic website is html and css and you’re lucky because back when i started, the internet was a very young place ;) is a good place to start.

But that’s not programming. Html and css are just markup language, used to position and color images and text on a page.

If you wish, your next step would be to learn a web programming language. Javascript and php are the two basic languages and require no special tools or systems to buy. You can set things up on your own pc.

John asks…

What are the costs associated to running a web based business, such as costs for traffic hosting and software?

I want to start my own internet business, which in order to be successful must have high levels of traffic. I have never had a website before, am I correct in thinking that traffic above a certain level must be paid for extra?How much does this cost, roughly? Also in order to create a proffessional looking website what level of expertise is required, i know there will be some but is there software which can be used to create proffessional sites, perhaps without having to learn html and css in depth?
Help much appreciated, thanks.

scottparat answers:

You should definitely consider 1&1 web hosting. Hosting starts from £4.99 a month with free domains included. Has free 24/7 telephone & e-mail support – will talk you step-by-step thro’ any problems. (I’ve never had any problems or seen any downtime.) Excellent value considering all the extras included: over £400 of free software, site builders, marketing tools, etc. And they constantly win the Best Web Host award each year in many major Internet-related magazines…

Hosting packages come with a bandwidth allowance for traffic. You can start with a lower priced package while you get established, and upgrade when you need more bandwidth. If your site is quite basic with few graphics, a Home package at 1&1 would handle thousands of visitors a month & Business could cope with tens (or hundreds) of thousands. But this depends solely on the content of the site (for example: streaming / downloading video would use much more bandwidth)

1&1’s free software package includes the latest version of NetObjects Fusion, which allows you to quickly create & easily manage web sites. It’s extremely easy to use and you don’t need to know anything about html / css to produce professional-looking sites, as NetObjects Fusion does all the coding for you. There are also a couple more Site Builders included free in the 1&1 control panel, no coding knowledge required…

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