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Website Graphics Tutorial Question

Sandy asks…

How long/is it possible to make a website like this?

I have been offered to make a website advertising a therapist. I don’t know the first thing about web design, but I am told that if you get a book, it will walk you through every step you need. Will I be able to do it? And also how long do you think it will take to make this website? It doesn’t have to be top notch, just nice, presentable, creative, and colorful.

scottparat answers:

Although I am not a professional web designer, I have read up on the subject.

It really requires you to have experience; amateurs should never do these sort of things. You can do it as a pet project or build up experience by working along with other more experienced web designers, but never do one seriously for a client when you have no experience at all; it ruins your reputation and makes you look bad

In web designs, you will need the specifications from your client, the images, the content, etc.
You will need to look at competitors’ websites
you should look a site map and plan how your links come together
you need to think as a designer and know a little about HTML and/or Java (?) to do a good enough design
you need to think about how to market your website to the customers of the client
you need to think about style
you need to think about how to improve the ranking of the website in search results
you will probably need to know things about animations and imaging software

Although you say it doesn’t need to be top notch, it does need to be descent; that’s a bar difficult to reach by amateurs. I know because I tried doing this on my own for my own website.

The dummy books will not be adequate, let alone most free tutorials online. I recommend the website I have listed in the sources section; it provides some of the most comprehensive material around and it’s great for handling people from amateur to the level of somewhat capable beginner. I suppose it’s all you need for a basic website. I haven’t looked into other sources out there, but they may be just as good. Look for referrals or samples of the whole package.

How long? I would say it’s a 2-3 day’s work. If you have all the graphics/pics, text, plans, etc. I would say it shouldn’t take you more than a day’s work to put everything together. That’s presuming you know what you are doing and you are reasonably skilled at it. In your current position, I would give it more of a 5 days’ work.

Hope this helps

Chris asks…

How much money could i make on my website?

i want to do my own website for myspace layouts and graphics and tutorials. it will be mostly alternative themes (emo, goth, scene, punk, etc.). if i put google ads on there, how much money could i expect to make a year?

scottparat answers:

Yes you can make good money from adsense, check website like for more details.

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