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Website Graphics Tutorial Question

Donna asks…

How do you get better at making computer graphics?

I want to get better a drawing on the computer, mainly because I got one of those bamboo things for christmas and since I got it is just been laying around. So I would like to use it to draw random stuff, but I draw stick figures poorly. So how can I improve this?
Is there any websites where I can learn more about this?

scottparat answers:

There are tonnes of drawing tutorials on youtube.

Lisa asks…

Where to get free website templates and graphics?

Hi there i am interested to find free PHP website template packages(codes and relevant graphics bundled in)… the site i am planning to create is very simple and is use to house a search and update database.


scottparat answers:

You might want to investigate using a CMS (content management system) which has everything you need to work with PHP and databases included. A good startting point is . It allows you to try many different systems there on the website.

If the CMS path is maybe a little too complex for what you need, then it is not hard to get a web template and add a little bit of your own PHP/MySQL to it. Check out for free templates. You can find PHP info all over the web; I used and their tutorials when I was learning.

Don’t forget you will also need a webhost who supports PHP/MySQL ;)

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