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Word Provides A Quicker Way Through The ____ Question

Richard asks…

How to edit .text property of a Microsoft Word Bookmark through 2010?

Hello Everyone,

I’m hoping I can get some quick help here. I’m creating a program in Visual Basic which will write several documents. To do this, the user provides entries into text boxes, and the program transfers those inputs to bookmarks in the word documents. The following is an example:

‘Enter the Project Number
objrange = objdoc.Bookmarks(“PROJECT_NUMBER”).Range
objrange.text = project_number.Text

Good…but here’s the problem: doing it this way deletes the bookmark, which is a problem with one of the documents being written, because the program needs to be able to access that document later to retreive the information.

So my question is this: how do I edit the text of a bookmark without deleting the bookmark itself?

Ah – I should note, its imperative that the bookmarks remain in place, because the program needs to be able to retrieve the information later.

scottparat answers:

You use a MS Word Doc which contains Bookmarks as a template and copy it. Your program will then work with this copy rather then an original so it won’t matter if you destroy your book mark or not. Each new project number will get its own copy of the template document and you can then save that modified copy with its project number in the file name to a folder dedicated to storage of processed files. Your template files are stored in a seperate folder with your program.

You use word for reporting information in some type of formatted fashion. However if you need to file and store information for later use you should be using a database.. If you first store info in a database you can then create a report (word doc) any time you need to.

Trying to use a series of saved word docs as a form of a database is not very efficient as you are finding out. Especially when bookmarks no longer exist in the documents.

Michael asks…

I need your help. Someone who knows Excel, powerpoint, word, access and so on…………..Thank you?

9. If you want to multiply the contents of each of the cells in column C by the tax rate
that appears in cell A24, use a/an
A. relative cell reference. C. filter.
B. absolute cell reference. D. 3-D cell reference.
10. If you want to use one of PowerPoint’s preset formats that includes specific fonts,
hues, and background, you can apply a/an
A. animation scheme. C. design theme.
B. color scheme. D. slide layout.
11. To enhance the movement of graphic objects and bulleted text lists in your slideshow,
you should use
A. layouts. C. transitions.
B. animation. D. wizards.

12. You’ve created a pie chart in Excel and placed it in a PowerPoint presentation. When
you edit the pie chart in Excel, the pie chart in PowerPoint doesn’t retain the changes
you’ve made. This means that the object has been
A. hyperlinked. C. linked.
B. embedded. D. collaborated.
13. When you point to the bottom right-hand corner of a selected cell containing a formula
until you see a crosshair and drag it three cell to the right, you’re using Excel’s
_______ feature.
A. AutoFormat C. Copy
B. Paste D. Merge and Center
14. Which one of the following is a correctly written Excel formula?
A. =B*C4/2 C. B7>F12=
B. SUM(A5:A22) D. =C4*$G$18
15. You want colors, fonts, and other effects to be carried through all documents you
create in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Access; therefore, you need to
create a custom
A. theme. C. layout.
B. AutoFormat. D. template.
16. If you wanted to locate and work with a list of all employees who earned more than
$25 per hour this month as recorded in the payroll worksheet, which one of the
following Excel features should you use?
A. Sort C. Find
B. AutoFilter D. 3-D Cell Reference
17. A table of contents for a report can be generated automatically only if you’ve
formatted your headings using
A. page numbers. C. themes.
B. links. D. styles.
18. To save yourself time so that you don’t have to key in your memo heading each time
you begin a new memo, create a
A. signature. C. Quick Part.
B. distribution list. D. style.
19. When using mail merge, the part that contains variable information such as
names and addresses is called the
A. merge fields. C. merged document.
B. main document. D. data source.
20. Options for designing the way text and graphics are positioned on a single
PowerPoint slide are provided by the slide
A. views. C. background.
B. design theme. D. layout.

scottparat answers:

13 none of them, its called AutoFill
16b but a pivot table would be better

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