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Autoresponder Comparison Helps Find a GOOD Autoresponder

It is important to compare autoresonders before investing in an autresponder for your business. An autoresponder comparison will reveal some of the benefits that will suit you and your business best.

Building a list is one of the first things you learn in Internet Marketing. To Build a list you need a top notch autoresonder that will be with you from the beginning to end…an autoresponder that will faithfully build your money making lists! By building your list you can take a one time visit and turn them into a multiple time visitor and hopefully continual customer! The most important aspect of building a list is an automated software application of script called an autoresponder. There is a big difference in the autoresponders that are available and will vary greatly in price and quality….so choosing the right autoresponder to purchase becomes one of the most important business decisions you’ll make…..because you don’t want to switch autoresonders after being in business for a year or two…..despite what they say, your list will never transfer.

There’s Free Autoresonders Available…Why Shouldn’t I Use Them

Making Money Online with AutorespondersIn any autoresponder comparison the question of free autoresonder always comes up. The question of whether should use a free autoresponder or go with a free one is one that is frequently asked on many of the most popular Internet marketing forums and there is really only one correct answer : a quality paid Autoresponder is miles better. If you ask any experienced Internet marketer they will tell you that if at all possible you should go with a paid autoresponder from the very beginning of your Internet Marketing campaigns because if you don’t then it will present you with a bottleneck when in the future you decide that you want to expand you business and take it to the next level.

It’s Easy to Get Confused and You Are Probably Trying to Figure Out “Which One is Best”

So….we already know it would be best to use a paid service, but which autoresponder company should I use? Almost all the good companies will offer you a choice of payments. You can pay per month or you can pay per year. If you choose to pay by the year, you will get a nice discount. I suggest paying by the year because it will save you a bunch of money. Once you start with an autoresponder service….chances are you will have it for life. So if you have the extra cash, go for the full year and save some coin. Some might say the best decision in this case is to go for a monthly subscription because they constantly stay on top of the problems that crop up with email marketing and do their best to ensure that the deliver-ability rates stay high.

Finally in an autoresponder comparison we will be dealing with 3 very good services. Of these services the main 3 offerings come in the form of Aweber, Get Response and Email Aces. When considering these 3, Aweber and Get Response are the most used and the most popular with online marketers. Based on delivery rates, Aweber is tops and next comes Get Response. They’ve been about even for years, however, Aweber has added a ton of features which could be something desired by the hard core marketer. GetResponse is still well suited for the newbie.

I highly recommend Aweber for your autoresonder. It is a service that I use everyday and their delivery rate is excellent. Secondly I feel confident that GetResponse will do just as well a job. They have been working to catch up with Aweber. One big plus for Aweber is that they have phone support 6 days of the week. Remember when comparing your autoresonders this will be a decision that will stick with you a long time and the right one will serve you well.

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  1. I found a great autoresponder software that you simply install into your site that works just as good as Aweber for a one time ten dollar ($10!) fee only if you get it through the free SuperTips ebook. Just follow the download instructions at the end of the ebook.

  2. scottparat says:

    Hi Caleb

    Thanks for adding the resource. In my opinion hosting your own autoresponder should be your very last choice for serveral reasons.
    -its hosting on your domain and in most cases you cannot transfer to a 3rd party autoresponder
    -eventually when on your own domain your delivery rates will fall to less than 50%….I guarantee that
    -there are many more but I’ll stop for some benefits or 3rd party autoresponders

    A third part autoresponder is like Aweber or Get Response, the only 2 I recommend. First if the money is in the list, then the list is the most important asset you have. You need to do everything possible to maintain and keep that list while ensuring that your email will get delivered.

    It has been my experience the an autoresponder hosting on your own domain will bring nothing but troubles. Yes, it will save you some money in the beginning…..but in the long run, it will cause you unbelievable distress and agony. Trust me, if you don’t invest in a 3rd party autoresonder as I suggested, you will hate yourself in the long run.


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