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Aweber – A Perfect Email Marketing Tool

If you have been marketing sties for a long period you will be aware of Aweber – An Email Marketing Software but I don’t know how many of them has tried it on your site.

Many web masters had quit feedsburner and started their journey with Aweber. Why people are moving to Aweber? What is so special with it? That’s what you will read in this article.

Aweber helps you to collect E-mail addresses and it is very professional for E-mail marketing. Aweber as lot of features that will beatup Google’s feedsburner. Aweber helps you to schedule newsletters. So whenever you are out of station you can schedule some newsletters, this help you show your visitors as if you are active even though you aren’t.

Many People bookmark sites, but most of them won’t turn back. They forget about the site they bookmarked, so sending short and sweet newsletters will help you keep your site fresh in your reader’s mind. So it will be a reminder for people to visit your site.

Also you can send your RSS feeds as an e-mail to your subscribers. All you want to do it set preferences and rest of the process is automated. A very good advantage of Aweber is they allow you to track your subscribers. So you can know who opens your newsletter or message sent via Aweber and who has clicked on the links. This helps you to study your visitors thoroughly and easily.

Another interesting feature, a feature which made me to buy this service is Autoresponder. I was really searching for this feature and I found it on aweber for a reasonable price. Autoresponder sends an e-mail when a visitor activates his subscription(I am not talking about the activation E-mail) This helps you to get more subscribers. How!

Let’s say you are publishing an E-book. Instead of giving it away just like that, you can ask your visitors to subscribe to get the download link for the book. When he/she subscribes, an autoresponder will send an email which will have the download link. You can compose the email that is to be sent by autoresponder. I have planned to use Aweber when I publish Template, Scripts and books here, so get ready to subscribe

If they want your products they have to subscribe, so this will increase your subscribers rapidly if your product is good.

I just mentioned the features that made me to become their customer. Apart from these features there are many more features available at Aweber. If you are a blogger, then you will feel aweber very useful, just like the way felt after registering for an Aweber account.

You can start your Aweber journey for just $1. Want one for you? Click here to start your successful journey with Aweber

If you are using other email marketing service then you can move to Aweber with Aweber moving service. You can transfer your email list to aweber easily.

I am a normal 11th grade student from India. I am very interested in web designing and related stuffs. I run a web designing tutorials website
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