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Aweber Review: Email Marketing That Builds Your List

Internet marketing has come a long way over the years and the growth of the internet has made it easier to communicate quickly and effective to a large number of people. The goal of the marketer is to deliver a message to as many people as possible in the most efficient manner. Services started springing up around ten years ago with the idea of creating an email autoresponder that created a tool to automate the email process. The goal was to improve overall marketing efficiency, raise profitability and reduce costs. Services such as Aweber help create the concept and today they have emerged as the market leader.

Autoresponders make staying in touch with your customer base as easy as possible. They help attract prospects through opt-ins on your website, and then make it simple to set up a series of short follow-up emails to start developing a relationship with them simply by staying in touch. What makes autoresponder so effective is that many basic messages can be created and then dripped to prospects at set intervals. So, In reality you can set up a complete marketing campaign well in advance and then when a website visitor responds to your opt-in, then it triggers the entire process. You don’t have to be involved in any of this once it’s set up in the system.

Broadcasts are messages that function separately from the auto response messages. They are an effective way for small business people to send out newsletters, announce a sale or provide a coupon, deliver season sensitive information or other anything else that is time and date specific. Aweber recommends that you incorporate both static autoresponder messages and broadcast messages to create a complete and effective campaign

The auto responder marketplace is very competitive and services like Infusionsoft, Get Response, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp just to name a few, vie for customers along with Aweber. But Aweber consistently receives some of the best customer feedback. Their system is easy to use, the interface is attractive and the tools are top notch. Aweber also has phenomenal customer service. They provide online tutorials and customer tele-seminars to help you get the most out of there product. I have also personally received a few personal phone calls from the Aweber customer service folks thanking me for my business and trying to be of service to me. It is clear they are a well run outfit.

Over the years Aweber has developed solid relationships with internet service providers and therefore they offer impressive delivery rates. This means that your emails don’t end up in spam filters which can sometimes happen with some of the smaller autorepsonder services. Aweber is a web-based, monthly subscription service that makes communicating with prospects, customers, members or even fans as easy as possible. They have made it easy ti integrate videos and even PayPal accounts into their services. The Aweber service makes it easy for subscriber to both opt-in to your list and also unsubscribe with just a few clicks. I know I get irritated when I receive an email that either I don’t want or am no longer interested in and when I attempt to unsubscribe from that list, they make it hard to do. Aweber also has the senders name and physical address included in every email to help reduce the amount of spammers using their service. They figure if you have to include your name and address on each message that will increase the quality of information going through their system.

Aweber has developed a graduated service package. You can start out with a basic package that includes their complete service for up to 500 subscribers. The price is $1 for the first month and $19 thereafter. The price increases as your business grows and you start building a larger list of subscribers.

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