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Basic Elements Of A Good Squeeze Page Template

A squeeze page template is what you, as a marketer, will use to build your ever-important list. If you’ve been in internet marketing for any time at all, you know that having a list is extremely important because it allows you to build and maintain a relationship with your customers and potential customers. The squeeze page concept is very simple. You offer your target market something in return for their contact information. So, in other words, if a visitor gives you his or her name and email address, you will give him or her a free sample of your product, a free informational guide, some free training, a free consultation, or whatever is important enough for him or her to offer up his or her contact details.

A good squeeze page template will have four basic elements. Keep in mind that these make up just the framework of the page, and the details must be filled in within each section.

The Heading

The heading is like a title on your squeeze page. The best converting squeeze pages use headings that are some shade of red, like brick red or bright red. The heading should be larger than the rest of the text on your page, and it should be compelling. It has been estimated that most people will make a decision about whether to put in their contact details within 8 seconds of accessing your page so you’ll need to say something that grabs your intended readers’ attention very quickly. The heading can be preceded by a pre-heading–a couple of words of introduction to the heading, in smaller print and in black–and followed by a sub-heading, which will also be smaller and in black.

Bullet Points

After a short introduction which explains what you are offering, you’ll want to list the benefits of whatever it is you are offering your visitor. These are not features of your product or service, but the benefits that your visitor will receive when he or she has the product. So, for example, you don’t want to write about a super-fast softward, but instead, about how much time the software will save your visitor.


Some may argue that these are not as important on a squeeze page as they are on a sales page, but having at least one can really add credibility to you and what you are offering.

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Opt-In Form

Of course, a squeeze page is not a squeeze page if you don’t have a form that your visitors can fill out. You’ll need to get the code for your form from your auto-responder. You can also consider adding a little text below your form that states how you will respect the privacy of the contact details you capture on your form, and that the information will not be passed on to any third parties. Finally, your entire squeeze page template should be visible on your screen without you having to scroll down.

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