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What Is CPA Marketing And Yes You Can Make Money Now

CPA marketing can refer to the marketing of a Certified Public Accountant or firm or it can refer to a very profitable kind of affiliate marketing. . .in this case, the CPA stands for Cost per Action or Click Per Action. This article focuses on the the affiliate marketing CPA, which is a very hot topic right now in the world of internet marketing.

Anyone who is already involved in affiliate marketing understands this basic concept. You have an affiliate product link and set up a website, blog or PPC campaign in order to promote this link. This is an extremely simple way to make money. But one of the drawbacks with conventional affiliate marketing is that the products cost enough to make consumers think twice before purchasing them. So, the result of that is, in order to get enough clicks on your link to get some purchases, you need to send a lot of traffic to your links.

Here is where CPA marketing differs in such a positive way. CPA affiliate links (CPA offers) convert extremely easily because there is no cost or very low cost to the consumer. With CPA affiliate marketing, the goal is to get  people to either fill in information like a zip code or their their shipping address. Or, in some cases, they actually have to pay a small fee (shipping and handling) to receive a free product. When they do this, you get paid.

Cost Per Action CPAAnother difference when it comes to CPA affiliate marketing is that, in order to promote the CPA products, you need to be accepted by the agency that offers the products. There are many CPA agencies out there. Some of the most popular ones are MaxBounty, NeverBlue, PepperJam and Commission Junction. You need to apply to these agencies before they will allow you to sell their products. But once you’re in, you have a wide variety of extremely popular products to choose from. These are products that are already very well known by consumers and seen in magazines, on TV, heard on the radio and even by word of mouth.

Once you’re in, you just go through the offers that you want to promote. Most of them will have extremely professional looking capture pages that are designed by copywriter. Pick the products with capture pages that are simple, offer testimonials and have a time limit to get the consumer to do what you want them to do (like fill out their address or zip code). As with affiliate marketing, you can promote these products on a blog, website or with PPC. . .but this time, the conversions will be much better.

What you get paid depends on the product and goal of the landing page. Your CPA agency will list exactly what you make on each sale. The CPA marketing trend is definitely on the uprise so it’s a great time to learn more about this method of making money online.

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