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Email Marketing Lists Question

Daniel asks…

Where do I find email lists for email marketing ?

I don’t want to make spam, I only want to promote my business, by email marketing. I need some real good, and long email lists, if you can help me, please tell me a site for FREE from where can I get this. Thanx in advance

scottparat answers:……….you have to pay for them………..

Best thing to do is build your own list using a website and an optin form. Aweber is probably the best company for email marketing and you can try it out for 7 days and I think it costs you 1 dollar or something like that…. click on Email Marketing List and give aweber email marketing company a try.

Ruth asks…

Which is the most reliable place to find email lists to use in email marketing?

Before I have been looking for emails in torrent sites but I doubt their reliability. They are not even well organized and I never know where they came from. I need emails I know who they belong to like country, interests, age, male or female etc. Which is the most reliable place to get email lists?

scottparat answers:

Can Spam regulations have reduced such unsolicited mail. Those who continue such spam appear to be operating off shore.

Legitimate marketers rent mailing lists of demographically categorized, opted in names from mailing list brokers, usually involving thousands of dollars.

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