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How to Profit Using A Social Networking Blog

You Can Increase Profits With A  Social Networking Blog

Social networking has stormed on the internet marketing scene. If you blinked, you might have missed it. There is many an argument as to the effectiveness of social marketing through social networking, but there is no doubt that it works.

Some have tried to automate the social marketing process and quite frankly they really miss the essence of the experience. However, this type of automation can work. One relatively new twist to social marketing has been taken on by the folks at Traffic Geyser. It really is an amazing orchestration of video production and submission. Sounds simple right? It really isn’t, Traffic Geyser has spun a web so thick that those using it are seeing unbelievable results.

I digress though, let me get back to profiting with a social networking blog.

There are a variety of different social networking sites out there, each offering something unique in terms of meeting new people, facilitating new friendships, creating contact with potential customers and so on. One of the more unique and more useful ways of developing a presence through social networking is to create a social networking blog. There are two ways to accomplish this:

– The first is to join a general social networking site that offers a social networking blog, and include a blog as part of your personal profile,

– The second is to join a blogging-based social networking site where the entire purpose of the site is to maintain a social networking blog, meeting people through your writing.

Blogging is a very important way to reach out to people when it comes to social networking, because a blog can be just as personal as a personal profile on one of these sites. When you write in a blog, you are allowing content to come from your heart, and this is an advantageous way to let people get to know you, facilitating communication and the building of relationships, friendships, business relationships and so much more.

Social networking blogs can be found all over the internet. There are a lot of different options for blog based social networking, with websites like Windows Live Writer, Vox, Six Apart, Livejournal, Deadjournal, Blogger and WordPress springing up. Large scale social networking sites like Myspace also offer blogging options, making blogging for social networking even easier and more advantageous. By creating a social networking blog, you are reaching out to users within the community in new and more personalized ways, which is what social networking is really all about.

The primary focus of social networking is to create something personal that lets other people on the internet know exactly what you are all about. When your profile is viewed or your blog is read, other users within the community will get a good feel for who you are, what you bring to the community and what you are looking to accomplish on the site. If you have a social networking blog for your business, or for your individual person, people will know what you are trying to achieve and will respond accordingly.

Developing a social networking blog, then, is an excellent way to appeal to new potential friends, customers, business partners and even relationships. As long as you are open, honest and personal about what you want and why you are on the site, you will surely attract like minded people over time.

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Profiles on social networking websites are relatively static. Once you put them together, they do not change much unless your interests drastically change. If you create a social networking blog to accompany your profile, however, new information will show up consistently, and people who view your profile will have more to go on when they try to get to know you.

In other words, if you want to get the most out of social networking, you absolutely need to keep a social networking blog.

As I mentioned above, Traffic Geyser involves developing a rage of website traffic through the social marketing experience, utilizing video submission but not stopping there by submitting to the web 2.0 social marketing sites. They take it one step further, the resubmit each video at least 3 times automatically through some magic so it isn’t spam or even look like spam and then go through the entire social marketing and emailing submission again. Check out this video on a process known as 10 x 10 x 4 your jaw will drop!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Jack Humphrey and the Authority Site Center where the purest form of social marketing is taught to those interested in developing Authority Sites….you know, the type the one day are sold for millions of dollars!

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