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June Niche Health Products PLR Sites

Xsitepro Version 2 and Niche Health Products make a very profitable pair. Xsitepro Templates are specifically designed for Niche Health Product sites and with a little editing of the plr articles on your part, these sites can be very profitable just with adsense. If you consider using affiliate sales of either medical or herbal supplements…..or even books and ebooks from Amazon or Clickbank, these sites can be little vending machines. Below, you can read a further review and take a look at the free xsitepro templates for this month.

PLR articles can help you make a lot of money if you are using good articles and approaching the process from the right angle.

There are a variety of PLR licenses being sold and promoted. Some let you do anything you want with them,Niche Health Products PLR book flat cover for respite care so in essence they are just like public domain works. And then, other plr packages will vary different aspects of the article, book or software. Such as:

selling to others
selling a site once it’s completed…known as site flipping
putting your name on it
claiming authorship
no license to sell to others
…..and on and on

I belong to a handful of PLR memberships and to be honest, I forget sometimes for months at a time to download all the material. All except one. Niche Health Products provides 2 custom monthly websites along with another 20 articles each….and one PLR ebook.

The benefit of Niche Health Products is that you are drilling down deeper into a very wide niche, the wide niche being Health and each month the two subjects will be one aspect of illness or the health industry.

niche health products monthly website templateI think it’s been close to 2 years since I joined NHP and must say the articles have been outstanding. In fact I was so impressed that I asked if I could join the team and participate in some way.

I’ve been creating the monthly minisites with custom one off looking websites. I don’t want to blow my own horn but the graphics for the websites are first notch….I spend more time than usual trying to create something that is new and cutting edge.

So I create 2 website templates that correspond to the subjects for that month. I also create a simple square header and footer for each subject in case someone might be looking just for a header graphic. Then I create an ebook which is matched in color and theme for each of the 2 subjects for that month. Along with the ebook, I create a flat image for both themes.

monthly health plr products diabetes websiteAll the book and flat images are sized from 500 pixels wide down to 150 pixels wide.

You get a psd and jpg version of each website template so you can edit and slice the template as you wish.

The websites are create in 2 versions. You will get 2 seperate versions of Xsitepro websites ready to load up to your website….and you’ll get 2 versions of a standard html website ready to load to your website.

You’re probably wondering why 2 versions of Xsitepro. Well…..the first version of Xsitepro is a simple version with a .htm extension. Each page has the basic template (graphics) with one article and 3 ads from Google on it…sometimes a clickbank product. It’s designed for the novice and is easy for just about anyone to edit and upload.

The second version of Xsitepro website is a version that comes with some dynamic content. This site has everything the first site does but it will have some rotating snippets of text, which include affiliate links and it will display a rss feed at the bottom of the page with content that is specific to the content of the website. It’s next to impossible to have duplicate content with these sites even if you don’t change a thing….(its always recommended to make some edits to the original text). These pages end in the extension .php

The next 2 versions are for those that use programs like dreamweaver, NVU, FrontPage or other WYSIWYG type editors.

The third version has pages with the extension of .htm and it has everything that the second XsitePro version has….the one big difference is that it has a .htaccess file. This is a file that allows the pages to end in .htm or .html and still have the fancy rotating content and other dynamically rotated material on the site. Remember, the dynamic material is to help create a degree of uniqueness to your website.

Sometimes your hosting provider has a hard time using the .htaccess file so the pages have to end in .php…..this is the 4th version. It has everything of #3 but the .htaccess file and it is sometimes easier to work with….These pages will end in .php, that would be the only difference you might see between the two sites.

Diabetes ebook for Niche Health Products PLR membership siteSo to recap, when you join NHP, you get 20 PLR articles for each of the 2 monthly subjects. You’ll get 2 websites, sometimes called adsense sites, each with 10 additional PLR articles and you get 2 sets of website templates and 2 additional sets of standard header grahics…plus you get a ebook cover for the one substantial book you recieve each month.

Well, I need to show you the book covers and flat images….this way you’ll get a better idea what’s included….and don’t forget everything can be edited if you have some basic skills. The ebooks are a little tricker and you need photoshop, however, I’ll gladly edit anything for a minor charge.

This month the subjects are on Diabetes and Repite Care. You can see a screen shot of the graphics about and if you click on the graphic, you’ll go to an actual site.

If you’re into PLR….you don’t want to miss Kim Standerline’s Niche Health Products monthly membership….2 years and going strong :)

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