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Steven asks…

Keyword Search Tool – Which Online Tool do you use to Search & Research SEO Keywords?

scottparat answers:

Wordtracker’s free tool and Google’s External tool are the most popular ones right now. But when it comes to SEO, you need good analytics. Specifically, you need to know the keywords through which people landed on your site.

For this, you can add site analytics like Statcounter or Google Analytics to your page code. Both are essential for extending the utility of your search tool.

Maria asks…

How to research keywords for SEO?

As a new person just studying how can we learn about keyword placement for beginners?
I have a friend that works in the industry as well,so I am getting all the feedback I can.
It is definitely appreciated.

scottparat answers:

Here are the keyword research methods I have been using (successfully and profitably).

Google AdWords Keyword Tool –
SEMRush –
Keyword Discovery –
Wordtracker –
Word Mixer –
Google Trends –
Yahoo! Clues –
Yandex Wordstat –

Google Related Searches and Google Wonderwheel – type in a keyword in Google search engine and click on the Wonderwheel and Related Searches links on your left to get more keyword suggestions

Google Autocomplete – start typing a keyword in Google, and search engine’s Autocompelte algorighm will kick in to suggest more keywords and keyphrases for you

Bing Related Searches – type in a keyword in Bing search engine and see the the Related Searches keyword suggestions on your left

Ask Related Searches Suggestions – type in a keyword in search engine and see the the Related Searches keyword suggestions on your right

Competition Search – harvesting and analyzing keywords from top 10 competitor sites

Misspelled Keywords – check your traffic logs and analytics tools (such as Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools) to find out if your keyword is frequently misspelled and target its misspelled version for your PPC campaign, anchor text, or you can even build a micro site around misspelled keywords if you find they are frequently searched for.

*All the above listed methods are incorporated into the Rank Tracker tool from SEO Powersuite, so I am actually using one tool to retrieve my keyword data from different sources.

As for the keyword research theory, I started out with a free seo guide by Dan Richmond, below is the link to his recommendations on how to do keyword research by hand and with seo tools.

John asks…

For keyword research, why is there such a difference between SEO Book results and Google Adwords tool results?

scottparat answers:

Google is more likely to beat all the others as its the biggest and most comprehensive.

Sandy asks…

I would like to know what brainstorming tool in SEO for keywords research?

scottparat answers:

Google keyword tool is awesome. Keep in mind it will give you returns on content as well as searches. Meaning the numbers are always higher than what they are and they run across all the Google partners.

If you want a simple but accurate numbers (daily numbers not monthly) I recommend word tracker.
Both links are below:
I also recommend Kortia seo tools.

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