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Times are tough for a lot of people and many people need more money. Where’s the first place they start to look? These struggling people first start looking for an online business. Since the internet is so prevalent in our lives, it really isn’t unusual for theme to combine starting a home based business and starting a business online.

If you’re new to being in business for yourself and the concept of an internet business you might immediately get stuck. Ideas go through you head that you have no idea where to find the answer. So you might jump on the internet and start doing some searching for home business online or something like that.

Let me help. If you’re looking for business start up ideas yourself, you may appreciate a quick list of places to start looking, so here are some excellent ones for you:

Hobbies – Take a look at your own hobbies. Write down the things you like to do in your spare time, and the things you wish you were doing instead of working. Not all hobbies can be easily turned into a business, but writing them down is the first step to figuring out which ones can be used that way.

Many people have created a business at home with simple hobbies like crocheting and knitting, basket making, painting, photography, wood carving, and even reading too. Someone who likes to knit for example, might create hats and blankets to sell online. A person who loves carving wood may find themselves with a profitable business selling the things they’ve made, or selling books teaching others how to make their own.

The point is: Almost anything you enjoy doing in your spare time can be used as an online home based business idea. So start by creating a list of your favorite hobbies and you’ll soon find yourself coming up with plenty of ways to make money from one or more of those activities.

Trends – Trends and hot topics are another excellent way to come up with online home business ideas. Trend watching by itself can be a business just by starting a website and making it popular, then selling related products or advertising on that site.

You can also use trends which look like they’re going to stick around awhile. If for example, you notice that a particular new product is getting a lot of attention and it’s being referred to as a breakthrough in it’s industry then there’s a good chance that product will stick around for many years to come and there may even be similar ones launching to create an entire new industry.

News – News is a similar idea generator to trends. If you start seeing news items on a particular product, industry or topic then there’s a good possiblity a home business idea is buried in there somewhere.

Excellent news topics which help generate new online and home business ideas are political and regulatory topics. In early 2009 for example, the U.S. government started putting legislation in place that will have major long term impacts on the energy industry. This news alone has created new and improved products for clean energy, new magazines and publications about clean energy, and even businesses and products designed to help people learn how to reduce their home energy use because they’ll soon be hit with much higher utility bills as a side effect of the new legislation.

Magazines – Magazines are a tried and true source for coming up with home business ideas. In fact, just glancing through a magazine rack at any bookstore can generate hundreds of ideas by topic alone. Any topic which has a print magazine dedicated to it is an excellent topic to focus on for an online home business, because the market is already proven. There would not be an expensive printed magazine on the topic if there weren’t people paying good money to read it or advertise in it.

Glancing through the magazines themselves is another wonderful way to come up with home business ideas too though. The magazine may be a bit broad – such as cooking – and that could be difficult for a small home based business to start out with. Narrowing down to a more specific area however – such as crock pot cooking, or cooking on a barbecue grill, or cooking with herbs and organic foods – all of these are excellent home businesses which can be launched and profitable in a number of ways.

Aside from topics, magazines also tend to have plenty of success stories about other home based business professionals. By reading these inspirational stories and seeing the ideas other people have come up with, you could come up with a whole list of brand new ideas to use yourself.

Other People – People are excellent resources to use when you’re trying to come up with online home business ideas. If you simply pay attention to what people talk about in online forums, or what they say on social sites such as MySpace and Facebook, you might be amazed at the business ideas you’ll generate. In fact, if you just listen to your friends and family gripe and complain about things, you may find yourself full of excellent profitable new business ideas!

You might want to browse around a few forums that help people build businesses online. The is a great place to start learning some of the basics of online learning and its free. is a site designed help people organize their thoughts, take action and start making money, I highly suggest this one.

Another idea would be to explore affiliate marketing start learning with these 2 resources:

Affiliate Marketing Handbook

Affiliorama Membership Site

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