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Making Money Online –METHOD 1

This is a relatively simple method but it can bring in a lot of cash for you very
quickly. I highly recommend you outsource all the work here simply because the
demand you will receive will be too much for just one person to handle.
This isn’t necessary a new method but the fact is that it works. Ok this somewhat
involves offline marketing because basically what you do is place a newspaper ad
in your local newspaper advertising that you will set up a website for free. This
attracts a lot of local businesses who want to get a website up and running.
It’s best if you provide some templates and give them the option of what they like
best and tell them to provide you with all the content including logos and pictures

Give Away Websites and Charge for Hosting….Make Money Online!

Now for the money part. They are going to need some webhosting so you simply
get them to sign up for an account using your affiliate link. Now most people
won’t have a problem signing up through your affiliate link because you have
already provided them with a free website. A lot of the time people won’t even
notice because they are offline business people and some are not even aware of
what an affiliate program is.

If you want you can use a domain redirect to change your affiliate URL but in all
honesty I don’t think it is really a problem.

Now there are lots of different webhosting companies that you can choose from
but I prefer to stick with the big names. They are familiar, they have a proven
record of paying out their affiliates and they offer an easy professional service.
I think HostGator offer a really good service, I use Site5 and have been happy. It’s quick and easy to sign up as an
affiliate and they provide a professional service so your client will be happy. They
also offer live online support which is an added bonus. Their payment plans
increase with the number of new customers you bring in as you can see below. If
you are bringing in really big numbers you will be able to negotiate with them to
increase your commissions.

Provide Hosting with Affiliate Link or Reseller
Hosting Account and Make Money Online

As you can see from the screenshot above you just need 21 sign-ups to make
$2,625 a month. You will get a LOT MORE response from posting an ad in the
newspaper and you will easily make over 21 sign-ups in your first month. But as
you can see you really need to outsource this kind of stuff.

Doing 21 websites by yourself even though they are just simple templates with
the content already provided can be time consuming. But if you have a team set
up that will get the website up and running as soon as an order comes in you will
be able to process 100’s of orders every month and make a very handsome profit.

When placing your newspaper ad I prefer to set up a new email account at to handle all the inquiries. You can put your phone number in the ad if
you want to but personally I don’t like getting calls all day so I just set up a new
email account and in the ad I tell people to send an email inquiry. It’s simple and
easy that way and I just correspond with them through email. But….if you need money fast and want to start making money online then it surely won’t hurt you to answer a few telephone calls :)  ….in fact I would welcome as many calls as I could handle until you get your business in some sort of rhythm.

This is a simple but very powerful method. The best part is since it’s all done over
the Internet you can advertise in any newspaper you want. If you set up an entire
outsourcing team to handle this operation you can advertise in a big city
mainstream newspaper and bring in 1000’s of new customers in one hit.
This is a very profitable opportunity and one that can be set up quickly and easily.

Below you will find the resources you need to set this up.


Templates –
Hosting –
Outsourcing –

You can use this concept to start making money online in just about any scale. Try a few sites or even 1 a week and you can do everything yourself. Once you see how easy it is you can ramp up and do 10 sites a week yourself or outsource the work for 29 or more a week. Don’t limit yourself by thinking you need to keep this in your own hometown…. take your new make money online business concept worldwide!

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