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Motivated Marketing System 2.0

I received an email from Phill Coxon regarding upgrading or the new version of Motivated Marketing System 2.0 which started with:

First I want to apologize that I haven’t been in touch with
any updates re: Motivated Marketing System 2.0 in a long

First I want to sincerely “Thank You” for your efforts in resurrecting MMS and I anxiously wait for your finished product.

He discusses the progress of the upgrade or rebuild for Motivated Marketing System and I wish him much success. As for me, I was anxious to get the program up and working with the initial roll out and much to my chagrin the previous owner sucked at supporting and providing any fixes. I think his name was Eric and basically he just rolled out a product, doing a big product launch will all kinds of promises….the program never really worked and he ended up blaming his programmer.

I really don’t know how these scam artists get away with this. They promise the stars and you get nothing. I’m college educated and built a very large construction company, made a lot of money but unfortunately lost more :( I only mention this because if my company provided a service and I used a subcontractor but the guy screwed up…..I had to pay for another guy to get it right. Afterall it was my responsibility. Anyone with any morals and/or ethics would assume responsibility.

So in my eyes, if I put a roof on your house and it leaks…no matter who performed the task, its my responsibility….you paid me….so I must rectify the situation. How would you feel if I said,

Well, sorry for the leaks but my subcontractor did that and I just can’t get him to fix it…you’re on your own.

That’s in essence what this guy Eric did and by the grace of God….Phill Coxon has taken the project over. He’s kept in contact over the past year or so and it appears as though he has his hands full. What’s more I believe he has agreed to provide any upgrades for free and it looks like he has 100’s of hours to invest in the project.

For what it’s worth Phil….I really appreciate your efforts and I’m anxious to see what you end up with. If you need any graphics, let me know, I’ll provide them for free. And to answer your email, “do what you think is best, if a completely new rebuild is necessary and you’re willing to do it….well, I’d be willing to wait and extremely grateful.

Finally, please accept my well wishes for your father and your family. I’ll keep your father in my Prayers. Hope in God, “with God all things are possible”.

Wishing you only the best,


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  1. Fantastic article. I am sick sick sick of these infomarketers who over promise and under deliver. So few internet consumers or voices are willing to speak up as you did. I wrote an article about it to. Have you been ripped off by Infomarketers? It’s not as good as yours but perhaps more food for thought.

    These guys tell us the problem and what to do but seldom the how. Or they repacked the same tired stuff over and over. ebooks have become a mess of English as a second language time waster. As you ask – what offline business could do this and survive? How to they live with themselves? Cheers…Russ

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