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My Affiliate Store….New Concept in Affiliate Marketing…Limited!

My Affiliate Store is now available for your use!

Affiliate Marketing has changed forever….for only a select few! Don’t you just hate that scarcity tactic…I do…but it’s true in this case.

It takes a lot to get me excited when it comes to Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Adsense was the game and now its harder than ever for the average joe to make any money. Search engines have gotten smart enough to tell when a site was developed for the singular purpose of making Google Adsense Money.

Adsense income is no more unless you build a website with real content. You know, information that is important and usable by the website visitor. If you build a website out of passion then why not focus on selling affiliate products instead of adsense clicks for 5 cents a click.

Well….that’s exactly what happened. We’ve come full circle in the internet marketing world. Affiliate Marketing has resurfaced as a primary means of making serious online income.

Now enter Datafeeds.

Datafeeds are files that contained stored information that are ususally provided by the affiliate merchant. These feeds contain a wealth of information which allow you to feature their products and services on your webpages.


Datafeeds….until now…have been quite difficult to deal with and previous automation processes were extremely difficult to get a handle on. By automation process, I mean an quick software or script solution that can use these datafeeds to build search engine friendly webpages.

That is until now!

Len Thurmond has created a product called My Affiliate Store. I watched a webinar that exposed the ease of using datafeeds to make your own SEO optimized and search engine friendly pages and made an instant purchase.

Like I said…I’ve been around long enough not to get excited about every new product release. In fact I get quite repulsed by the hype. But My Affiliate Store is the real deal, I was lucky enough to get in on a prelaunch.

You need to get this pdf and watch the videos. If you’re tired of screwing around with every new concept and every new program that comes along….quit. Buy My Affiliate Store if you can!

Get on a waiting list if one becomes available.

I’m quite busy, but as soon as I get a site up and operating, I’ll post the url so you can check it out.

Wishing you much success!


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