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Nicheology A Classic In Niche Products

I was a member of the original Nicheology Membership by Jimmy D Brown. This was before everybody and their brother was doing memberships and certainly before everybody and their brother produced and sold PLR materials in the form of a monthly product! Jimmy cranked out some very good material and I faithfully created monthly products that still produce sales today. As the found of Nicheology, Jimmy D Brown, was an excellent teacher and provided quality blueprints for getting your products online and making sales!

I stayed with Jimmy for years, I got busy and didn’t notice that there was apparently a rift between a partner he picked up by the name Ryan Deiss. He was a relatively unknown at the time and I believe Jimmy took him under wing and somehow they let the Nicheology Membership fall apart….at least in my opinion. I still maintained my membership but didn’t download products. I lost interest because you could tell something was going on. In fact, there was another sale of the membership and I didn’t know about it. Still my paypal account was charged….seems to me about a year. So to make a long story short, I paid for the nicheology membership for a year or so, never downloaded the products and was never reimbursed my monthly fees. I was really disappointed at the lack of response and help for getting my money back, but I did ignore the account for a year….even so, very poor support on their part.

Needless to say, I was pretty put off by the entire mess. I trusted Jimmy, even though the money went to him I wasn’t able to get my cash back. So I canceled and never opened an Nicheology email again. I started off my internet marketing ventures with Jimmy D Brown products and would still recommend him to anyone without hesitation…..I can only assume he didn’t get my email or his affiliate manager didn’t relay my situation to him or the partnership change caused my situation to be set on the back burner…..anyway, at the time I was miffed!

So….for the last year or two….maybe more, I ignored anything from Nicheology.

Well…..finally….I did open an email from Nicheology today to see what was going on with the membership and I was completely shocked! Seems as though the only person I harmed by not checking out the new Nicheology was myself :(

Seems a fellow by the name of Paul Evans is the new owner and he has really ramped up the membership. I’m going to check it out for myself to see if it really is all they say, sure looks good though. I would recommend you take a look if you’re interested in getting started on developing an online business!

I’ll report back, once I find out a little more on what’s going on with Nicheology!
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