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Just Put Up 2 New Sites on House Finches and Superfoods

barley green and other superfoodsAs a member of Niche Profit Classroom I get a couple of new niche packages each month. This month I decided I would develop House Finches since I love learning about wild life and I enjoy birds. Finches are an interesting but always wild bird with a great amount of avid followers.

The other site I started to develop is actually from a MLM from the Aim company. I’ve had health problems for a long time and they provide some of the greatest foods in the form of superfoods. Things like Barley Green, Powered Carrots, Powered Beets, Fiberblend and much more. Both my wife and I notice a great improvement when taking these supplements and its about time I used my interent marketing skills to get this information to others. My wife has MS and I have so many problems it would fill an entire book. We’ve been using the AIM products for almost 10 years now and they really work! Stop by my site at Barleygreen or Superfoods and have a look around!   Please ask me any health related questions…..I’d be glad to help if I can.

Blogger Themes Question

John asks… How to use Blogger theme in wordpress blog? How to use Blogger theme in wordpress blog? scottparat answers: Open the PHP files, one at a time, and rewrite them. (IOW, it’s a bad idea if you’re not a programmer who’s very familiar with both Blogger and WordPress.) Mary asks… How to convert a […]

Email Marketing Software Question

Joseph asks… Email Marketing Software? I’m looking for an email marketing software with built in mailing lists, the software would be able to inform the business if they have looked at the email, can anyone recommend some? scottparat answers: Be very careful of email marketing software most of them will get your ip address banned […]

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