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Niche Marketing with Niche Profit Classrooms

I’ve been a member of Niche Profit Classroom for a while now, they provide excellent training and teaching for anyone looking to start making money online in small niches.

Anyway, I started setting up 2 new sites this week using the wordpress default theme as a test. The sites are on along with a site on Jobs Online and Work at Home and Astral Travel for Beginners.

Keep an eye on these sites and watch as they develop. The index page will change into a optin page along with many other changes.

Niche Profit Classroom is really a great place for newbies to start learning how to research and develop niche markets for making money at home. Here’s a big plus….they have a keyword tool that actually works. Thats a big deal considering Google has shut off their old keyword tool and everybody who produces a keyword tool says there’s will be up and working soon….that was 3 weeks ago!

Microblogging Question

Ken asks… what is role of Micro Blogging in seo? i want to learn about Micro Blogging … scottparat answers: Microblogging is a networking service that gives people short, frequent updates. Mark asks… What is Tumblr and How Do We Use It? Okay, I’m not living under a rock, it’s just that I wasn’t much […]

Linking Verbs Song Question

Paul asks… Can you help me with some SPANISH translations? If your going to give me a translating link, don’t bother. They don’t work. Title: Irregular Yo song Instructions: Write the yo form of the correct verb. 1. I say, I’m saying 2. I give, I’m giving 3. I make or do, I’m making/doing 4. […]

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