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Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 Review

Each month I do a review of Niche Profit Classroom.

I review Niche Profit Classroom each month because each month this membership provides 2 “niche packs” which obviously covers 2 different well researched niches. For each niche you get a set of articles, ebook, keyword research, an email mini-course to start a list with, graphics, a salesletter for the ebook, a custom wordpress template, a traffic blueprint and market research summary. This is by far the most complete niche marketing course available on the internet. If you want to learn internet marketing and niche marketing then join Niche Profit Classroom and prepare yourself to study and apply! I can’t promise success, but if you stick out their membership for at least a year….. I promise you will know more than 80 to 90% of those claiming to be internet marketers.

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This month I set up two niche websites, one covers The Paleo Diet and the other is Basement Waterproofing.

Typically I do some quick keyword research, if I’m short of time I use the keywords provided by the folks at Niche Profit Classroom. I’ll then dump the keywords and keyword phrases in the Bulk Name Registration section of Godaddy to see if any of these keywords are available for domain names. First I go for .com names, next I try for .net and finally I’ll take a .org if absolutely necessary. Although research shows that there isn’t a lot of difference between those three other than the psychological difference regarding .com and the familiarity with most folks.

Once I grab my domain names I then get them hosted. I have a hosting reseller account at Site5, click here if you’d like to know more about Site5 …..they are great people and have serviced me well. I know little to nothing about hosting and they have made my reseller account absolutely painless. Niche Profit Classroom provides free hosting for their customers, however, I’ve found that the more you can keep control of the better off you are when working online. For instance, let’s say you keep your Niche Profit Classroom membership for a year and you diligently put up 2 sites a month all hosted with your free account at nicheprofitclassrooms. Now you would have 24 sites hosted by NicheProfitClassrooms that would have to be transferred if you wanted to cancel your membership….. trust me, a big big big pain the in the butt. So my advice is to start off with your own hosting account!

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Once you get a Site5 Reseller Account and get it set up it will take 2 minutes to set up the hosting for your domains. So, in this case I had my 2 domains set up in less than 5 minutes.

I’ll let you in on my secret now. The new Niche Packs are released around the first of the month. As soon as the niche packs from NPC (niche profit classroom) are released I go through this setup process.

  1. Download the Niche Pack
  2. Use the keywords to grab a domain name
  3. I then set up hosting for the domain name and make it live
  4. Next I set up a WordPress Blog through cPanel from the hosting account (make sure your hosting account has cpanel)
  5. I use the stand TwentyTen theme that comes with your wordpress blog installation
  6. Finally I post the PLR 5 articles to my blog (usually just as they are without any rewriting)

I’ve found that most NHP members get caught up in the details and become paralyzed. If you are brand spanking new….. then your goal should be to DO SOMETHING….even its wrong. Don’t worry about it because it can be fixed. If you follow those above 6 itemized instructions you can end up with a wordpress blog in less than an hour if you have some experience. Maybe the first one takes you 5 hours or more…. but the first is always the hardest and it gets easier with each new site and in no time you will have a live wordpress blog in less than an hour ….in a totally new niche with 5 articles posted.

Now….. I can get back to my other chores and just let the blog “cook” for a while. When I get a chance, I come back and start to customize the blog by:

  1. Rewriting the articles, maybe using an article spinner…. then I can spin new versions for other web 2.0 properties
  2. I set up the custom optin page with the optin form for building a list
  3. I customize the sidebar with optin form, use other plugins
  4. I’ll set up some autoposting using DigiTrafficMultiplier ….it uses yahoo answers content in a way that makes it unique content
  5. I do some stuff with RSS feeds…. a little too complicated to detail here
  6. I work on a variety of methods to get backlinks DigiArticleBlaster is one good one and WpSyndicator is another good one for creating automatic backlinks
  7. At some point you have to take the provided minicourse and load it into your autoresponder, I use Aweber…. it works perfect and deliverability is better than any
  8. Finally, I’ll work on setting up my salespage for the ebook.
  9. I load the ebook, now…. sometimes I will rewrite the ebook or make some significant edits and additions….. other times if the ebook is good enough and I’m not really interested in the subject I will simply load the book as I got it…. no edits.
  10. Finally, since I do graphics I have to ability to crank out some nice header graphics and awesome looking book covers…. I usually save this to last.


Now, the whole purpose is to sell the provided ebook….. sometimes it doesn’t work out that way….. but, that’s ok because as you go through this process you’ll learn that you can sell other related products and services to those on the list you are building. Basically you change to model from selling and ebook to selling affiliate products. Often times it can mean an easy extra source of monthly cash if you’ve worked on developing steady traffic to your new site. I enjoy doing these reviews of Niche Profit Classroom because I hope to reveal a little more with each review.

If you’re looking to start making some extra money online …..Niche Profit Classrooms is one answer.

If you’re looking to learn the processes in making money online….. then Niche Profit Classrooms is the answer.

If you want more advanced teaching that shows you how to research a niche market and then develop that product and market ….you’ll find it at Niche Profit Classroom 3.0



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