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Niche Profit Classroom Review

juicing and sciatica on niche profit classroomAs most of you know, I’m a member of Niche Profit Classroom and have been for about 2 years. I’m qualified to do a review of Niche Profit Classroom and each month I try to let you know what the monthly niche packs are and whether the products provided are up to snuff! I must say, after being a member for 2 years the overall quality of the site, teaching and materials have progressively increased. I’ve been in many membership sites of this type and most if not all seem satisfied at simply providing a new product or two each month. This is not so a NPC (niche profit classroom) they even provide proprietary tools, keyword tools and when Google messed things up a while back, they put forth tremendous effort to make their tools work.

This month they have some products focused on “juicing” and “sciatica“. I must say a very good choice of keywords are provided and there are some deep treasures in both of these niches.

Nicheprofitclassrooms provides a lot more than just a couple of niche packs each month. It is a complete and thorough class on how to find a niche and then how to develop the niche. It’s good for newbie’s, however, you must really apply yourself. NPC isn’t a get rich quick type of product. If you have an idea and think you want to set up a website and sell a book….. you should consider checking out the principles of NicheProfitClassrooms first.

Each month you get 2 niche packs. These are intended to be platforms for you to develop a niche. The products should all be edited and you can use their own wordpress theme or use the material on any static site or wordpress blog. You can use their graphics or get custom graphics.

Typically, I approach their products like this.

First I determine whether or not I want to purchase a domain for one or both of the niche packs.

Once a domain is picked, I use my reseller hosting to host the new domain with a standard generic wordpress blog. Keep in mind, NPC provides hosting free of charge, but I use my own hosting account for more control.

This month I set up a blog on Recipes for Juicing and Symptoms of Siatica Pain ….you can check those out. At the time of this post they are very basic wordpress blogs with 5 articles.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of setting up 2 websites a month. Normally, I find one subject that is interesting to me or I think could be potentially profitable and I’ll develop that site. Latter, I might go back and use the other material on another site or some other purpose.

The next step would be to provide the mini course optin page which is provided by NPC, some people insist on editing these courses but I find the 10 day free minicourse good enough to use as is ….as long as I put a signature link at the bottom of each email.

Next, I set up the salespage and buy button. Set up the downloads so that the entire site is live. Latter I will edit the ebook, it takes a couple weeks before any sales start rolling in.

I then go back and have a handful of wordpress plugins that I add. One of them is called wpUnique which causes any post to be completely unique and another is an autoposting plugin that creates a conversation…. this keeps content flowing on my blog and the search engines seem to like it. The autoposting plugin is called DigiTrafficMultiplier , I have more plugins I use but another one you should consider is called WpSyndicator…. check out the link to see what it does.

Got any questions? Let me know and I’ll try to help!

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