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Recipe for Dog Food …A New NicheProfitClassroom Site

Well….if you are into dogs and things like dog food recipes and Australian Shepherds then this is the month to join Niche Profit Classrooms!

I read through the Recipes For Dog Food material and have to say it’s high quality stuff. As you know, with PLR material you are free to edit to your hearts content and this applies to the Niche Packs produced by Niche Profit Classrooms.

I’m a dog lover as well as someone who is concerned about the food my family eats. I just so happens that manufactured dog food is some of the worse garbage you can feed a dog. So Recipes for Dog Food will be a website that will give away a free 10 e-course spelling out the problems with dog food and even giving up some great dog food recipes. I’ll be selling an ebook that will go into further detail about the dog food industry and why manufactured dog food is bad and whether there is any good manufactured dog food….. the other half of the book will have dog food recipes you can make at home.

If you love your pet, home made dog food recipes will keep them alive for the longest possible time.

Anyway, thought you might like to watch the progress of and don’t forget to check out Niche Profit Classrooms for a the most complete PLR niche package each month, keywords, market research and more data than you’ll know what to do. In fact when you learn how to use it you be able to set up a couple of sites each month selling your product.

As of the time of this post I simply posted the articles. Keep watching to see the optin page and the salespage for the book….. along with a new wordpress theme. All from NPC NichprofitClassroom

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