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Tips on Catfishing New Niche Profit Classroom Site

CatfishTips on Catfishing Lands Big Ones

If you’ve been following me you know that I’m a member of Niche Profit Classroom. Probably the best membership site teaching niche marketing and providing monthly niche material of high quality.

This month I set up a site for Tips On Catfishing. A great niche,  very nice numbers when it comes to search and competition.

The key to being successful with the niche packs is to get the articles up quickly. Most times I’ve been the first to set up a blog and post the articles. It saves me work on changing the articles around.

Anyway, Tips on Catfishing should be a fun site. I started catfishing when I was a little kid. We would pull out catfish 3 and 4 feet long….. fish tale?

Catfish are fun to catch and with the right recipe make the best fish fry! Stop by and check out the Catfishing Site!

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