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Would You Buy a Niche Domain for $1800?

article marketing and niche marketingI was over at the Niche Profit Classroom forum looking around and ran into a post that was pretty interesting. One member was asking about purchasing a domain that was suited to his niche. It was an established domain with 800 visitors a month and was selling for $1800. I couldn’t believe someone was thinking about purchasing a domain costing this much for a PLR type site that was going to be similar to the other 900 members!

On the other hand, this is a prime example of the fact that there’s almost always someone out there that will purchase your product or service….regardless of the price. I’m not saying you should rip anyone off, just that “value” is in the eye of the beholder. If you have a coaching membership, if you do graphics, if you help newbies in some form …..all these things have a perceived value. If you pack that service or product with value then there will be a market willing to pay the price!

Here’s my reply to the guy who was thinking about picking up the $1800 domain. By the way, everyone else though he was foolish to make such a purchase.

I have to chuckle to myself when I see people anxious to invest and spend large sums of money on their internet businesses. I only laugh because I was like that also.

It becomes so tempting to buy the latest and greatest new X Y or Z because it will make your business explode! The so called guru’s invest 1000’s of dollars on salesletters that make us drool with the desire to purchase that secret ebook, ingredient or software that will make our business explode.

Unless you literally have cash to burn….save your money and try to buy a domain with one of your keywords in it. Simple as that.

The nice thing about NPC is the fact that their is a “recipe” to follow. I’d guess that 90% of the NPC members will not follow the outline for setting up NPC sites, they leave out one part or another…..or they just get tired of the routine.

I’m babbling away here however what I’m trying to say is important and relevant to your desire to purchase this expensive domain. All you need to do is get a domain with one of your keywords and follow the NPC recipe! Follow the traffic plan…this is key. The traffic plan will set up the structure for your backlinks to be evergreen and thus your traffic also.

I really admire your desire to invest in your business….with that type of commitment you certainly will succeed. However, don’t waste your money for an expensive domain that will be associated with one of the monthly niche packs.

I use a really simple method of finding domains. I use the google keyword tool to find searches with the related keyword in it such as “growing orchids, buying orchids, small blue orchids, growing orchids in cold weather… get the idea. Then I go to Godaddy and dump the keywords in godaddy’s bulk domain registration tool. It will tell you what domains are available. I use .com, .net and .org ….all seem to deliver similar results.

I could go on about how to pick a domain but I’m sure there are some good videos in the training center. I just had to pipe in and tell you to save you money….heck, I could whip up some awesome graphics for $1800 …..just kidding (although I do create custom graphics for npc sites)

Good luck


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