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Obama, Internet Marketer becomes President of the United States

Obama, the first internet marketer to become president of the United States and not only was he the first interent marketer but he is the first black man to become president of the United States!

As I listened to Barak Obama’s quest to become president of the last 2 years or so, it became apparent that he or should I say his organization had a firm understanding of technology.

His website was state of the art. Not only did he have one website but his organization created a circle….wagon wheel structure, if you will, of Obama related websites. Traffic was directed from one site to another or to the central site.

And…what was the central site. It was a landing page.

Now what is the Obama website. If you type you are immediately redirected to a donation page. And what’s on the donation page? Of course a link to donate, but it’s a glorified landing page along with a few items for sale, or make a donation and get a shirt.

Although I really didn’t go to his website until recently, I got curious with all the comments I heard from people who visited the site and how they were redirected from place to place.

barackobama_digitaljournal_260.jpgHe was able to control rumors, or commments he considered harmful to him by sending an email his entire list. I’m sure his list was segmented because he could virtually shut down tv interviews in progress or radio commentators would be swamped if they would take sides against the obama group. I don’t agree with his tactics, but they certainly were effective!

Another interesting feature is that the website is a php based website and almost looks and behaves like a word press blog. It could be working from a wordpress platform, I’m not sure, but wordpress is a favorite content management system (CMS) used by all the top internet marketers.

Another factoid that has my mind swirling after his election….the size of his list. I’ve heard numbers of 100 or 200 million

Whatever happened in this election and regardless of what side you might be on….this fact is obvious, American Politics will never again be the same. The campaign the employs what others think of high tech systems, but we know as smart internet marketing protocols, will prevail over their competition. Obama and his minions used the tools of internet marketing as well if not better than the most experienced internet marketer.

What did he do? He built a list and worked the list. He used his list to market a variety of services and actions. The strategy was brilliant and raised close to a billion dollars for his campaign effectually pitting an cruise missle against a BB gun when comparing the finances of the two campaigns.

So…..don’t let anyone…ever…ever…ever tell you that internet marketing is a joke and doesn’t work. The mechanics of internet marketing employed in Barak Obama’s Presidential campaign just determined the destiny of one man’s wish to become president of the Untited States and virtually left the other candidate, John McCain, completely ineffective.

This is the second time in 2 years that the democrats utilitzed technology to build a coalition that just smeared the Republicans. Sure, issues and personalities matter, but think once from an internet marketer’s point of view. With a list you can sell anything……that’s what the democrats have done!

Take note Republicans….if you ever want to win an election again. You better ramp up your list building, join the technology revolution. You better start right now, and you better learn to do it better than the democrats. You might want to start hanging around some of the interent marketing forums, learn some things, get the white haired old farts out of the way and make room for some new blood. Republicans take note….you will never win another election again unless you learn how the democrats….especially the Obama machine used the fine art of Internet Marketing to win the most powerful position in the world!

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