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You Can Make An Income In The Offline Niche Selling Your Internet Marketing Skills to Local Businesses

If you are considering working as an Offline Consultant you should have some kind of knowledge of basic internet marketing skills such as:

  • -working with pay per click campaigns such as Google Adwords
  • -setting up and autoresponder account like Aweber
  • -writing a press release and submitting press releases
  • -wrting and submitting articles
  • -creating a website or blog and using a program like Xsitepro
  • -optimizing a website for the search engines

At first glance, all the above skills might make it look like you aren’t qualified to do offline consulting, however, there is an easy solution. The offline niche can still be profitable being an offline marketer if you invest your time in outsourcing those responsibilities. This would require that you learn about outsourcing and freelancing while making any necessary adjustments in your project selling price for the added project costs.

How to Make An Income In The Offline Marketing Niche Selling Your Internet Marketing Skills to Local Businesses

===================================================== Free Ebook Offline Gold for Online Marketers it unveils the truths of Offline Marketing. Download now…now cost: . Find out today how easy it is to get started making money doing offline consulting! ===================================================== An Offline Consultant will only be of benefit if they can increase the exposure and sales for the local businessman by taking him online and providing services like:

  • - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • - Researching Proper Keywords
  • - PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
  • - Writing & Submitting Articles
  • - Creation of Press Releases
  • - Using & Working with Autoresponders

Of course you aren’t limited to just the above services. Learning to do the above services is simple but will require you invest time and effort learning how and you can start by reading free resources on the internet, simply do a Google Search for the listed term. Another Google search you should consider is one that searches for prices other offline marketers are charging so you can be prepared when presenting your package!

Next you need to get out there and promote your offline consulting business to those who need it by using every marketing and promoting trick you can think of, such as posting ads on craigslist, printing up fliers, dropping off business cards, knocking on business doors, sending out mailers and putting ads in the paper to name a few. You will be surprised how easy it really is because there is a great need for local businesses to have an online presence and you, my friend, can be the answer.

You can also make some extra cash in the offline niche by using your understanding of the various offline marketing methods and creating a video series or writing an ebook or small report on those services you have expertise in. If you know a lot about setting up an Aweber Autoresponder you could explain all the steps involved in setting up an autoresponder for offline business clients and even further explain what options the local business owner has when setting up an autoresponder. You could easily take the information you are comfortable with and use it to write an ebook, small report or video series to sell to either the offline marketing consultant or even the local business owners who want to learn how to do these things themselves.

There’s not a more satisfying feeling than selling a product or service to someone in need and knowing what you have actually works! I hope your eyes have been opened to the possibilities in offline marketing.

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