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Social Media Will Change Your Business….Business Week 2008

Check out the Title and first sentence in Business Week 2-20-2008

Social Media Will Change Your Business

Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up: or catch you later

They first admit that they missed it…that is social marketing when they wrote an article in 2005. They hated bloggers….after all who could be more clearer thinking than CBS, ABC, Newsweek, Time or Businessweek. Now, now…..they’ve been blind sided by this social thing…..for them, the sky really is falling.

The author talks about his/her distaste for blogs but then says:

“they’re going to shake up just about every business—including yours. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shipping paper clips, pork bellies, or videos of Britney in a bikini, blogs are a phenomenon that you cannot ignore, postpone, or delegate. Given the changes barreling down upon us, blogs are not a business elective. They’re a prerequisite.”

In the tone of the article its obvious that they’re pissed about the whole blog phenomena ….but now social networks, social media …..what is it why is Ford using it and major newpapers.

Yes times…they are a changing. The interent IS and WILL continue to change the way we do business and we as internet marketers are on the cutting edge. Do you realize you probably know more than some $350.000 a year marketing agent.

The beauty behind this is that you can use your knowledge to leave the screen and hit the streets. Bottom line is to get someone’s webpage on page one, get them traffic and they make money.

These guys have figured that out and they’re pissed.

I wrote a little more in my blog and you can find a link to the entire article… check out the post on Web 2.O Exposed by Business Week.

Social Media Social Marketing and Web 2.0Sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble. I sit in front of a screen for hours trying to understand the new trends of the day. I try and pay attention to a small group of people that make things work. I’m unable to attend seminars or other meetings so my associations are almost completely virtual. When major media begans to understand the potential of what’s available I feel somewhat vindicated… least my confidence builds by affirming some of my choices have been corrects.

The real potential….the real gold rush will be for those that have our understanding and are able to take it offline. At least that’s the initial step, because ultimately their step offline brings them online :)

If you want to Understand Social Marketing and how to use it, check out The Web 2.0 Resource Bible, a manual with over 120 pages!

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  1. Donna Wells says:

    Offline is where the future is @

  2. scottparat says:

    Donna….offline business, in the traditional sense, is as old as the hills and will exist in some form until the end of time.

    I just think it’s really exciting to see the merging of offline and online marketing. The potential is almost unfathomable.

    The ablility to use advertising dollars to get in front of eyes that are interesting or looking for what you have is a reality with the internet.

    I think back 15 years ago spending $1500 for an ad that ran one week, hoping and praying that it would run across the eyes of those interesting in what I had to sell.

    Anyway it’s exciting to see how advertising and marketing is changing. Unfortuately, TV revenue is down, radio is down and newspapers are going out of business…why? sure the economy isn’t the best, but good old Google and the rest of the internet has cut into traditional revenue…Once again, why? Because it works 1000 times better!

  3. Very interesting information here. Am bookmarking this page.
    Traffic is so important…we shouldn’t limit ourselves but the joy of the internet is that you can reach the whole wide world.

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