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Web 2.0 Exposed by Business Week

Holy Cow…. someone other than crazy internet marketers actually get and understand the web 2.0 phenomena otherwise known as social networks and social bookmarking.

Social Media Will Change Your Business is must reading for those of us practicing the fine art of internet marketing. I don’t have time to go into the history of our knowledge of the subject but as usual we’ve been on the cutting edge. I ashamedly admit that I didn’t really jump on the social scene until recently, and I have to say that I am amazed at the results. When a prominent, well supposedly prominent, rag like Business Week notices and begans to understand the ramifications of social marketing and the world wide web then you know a tusnami is about to erupt.

Read the article and then read it again. Understand that we no longer will be playing with a system just to drive a few visitors to our sites. The web 2.0 phenomena will change media, advertising and marketing forever. It will be no different than the changes that have been caused by PPC, particularly Google Adsense. I can’t remember where I first read it, but advertising revenue generated by Google Adsense has surpassed Yellow Page advertising. This is huge! I’ve owned many brick and mortar businesses and you really didn’t make it until you advertised in the yellow pages, then it was how many yellow page books you were in and finally how much you paid per month.

web 2.0 Bible

If you’re interested in learning about Web 2.0
this resource will help you dig into the material
you need to really make Social Marketing a
reality it your life.

The Web 2.0 Resource Bible is over 120 pages
and lists more Social Marketing Sites than you
can count. A new buzzword in the world of Internet
Marketing is The Authority Site……the Web 2.0 Bible
will help you accomplish the building of an Authority Site.

The Web 2.0 Resource Bible will teach
you everything you need to know to
effectively use Web 2.0 strategies for
getting your webpages or blogs noticed
by Google and other search engines while
helping you to develop your webpages
into “Authority Sites“……trust me on
this, it’s the most important aspect of
Internet Marketing if you want to
develop “Staying Power”… might
even call it the “Viagra of Internet

I live in the Chicago, Illinois area and in 1990 I was spending over $10,000 a month for one business. You want to know how effective that type of advertising was? I can compare it to this, I could have stapled $27.00 to a business card each day and thrown it out the window hoping it would land in the hands of someone desiring my services. That’s how effective Yellow Page advertising is. I could get carried away here, but suffice it to say, Google Adwords has changed the face of national and local advertising in a way that was incomprehensible in 1990. Still, few people get it now, local businesses don’t understand. But compared to 4 or 5 years ago whenever Adwords came out, those who understand Adwords are making a killing.

The same progression of the idea is happening with web 2.0 and the social phenomena. Understand it and use it now!

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  1. Yes it is true that Web 2.0 is really hot now, the thing is to use it to the maximum through intelligent methods.


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