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Digi Article Blaster 1.1 Upgrade Review

Review of Digi Article Blaster 1.1 by Andy FletcherNews update, there is a new release for Digi Blaster ….. Review of Digi Article Blaster 1.1

I continue to Review Andy Fletcher’s Digi Article Blaster and have become completely convinced that this wordpress plugin will be included in every blog I produce. It will be especially useful for the Niche Profit Classroom blogs I’ve been experimenting with as well as all the local marketing I do for offline businesses.

Andy’s plugins get posts from this blog indexed in less than 5 minutes!

I just got an email from Andy and he already has come out with Digi Article Blaster 1.1 and includes some nice upgrades. Of course if you purchased already you know all upgrades are free. Anyway, I thought I’d post the email I got from Andy so you could see the new upgrades.

Sorry…. I gotta leak this one. Spinning the Titles and Resource Signature. Do you have any idea how powerful this is? If a search engine spider hits your site or a directory, sometimes it only hits the first hunk of text and the last piece of text on the article. To be able to spin both of these for unique content will give your backlinks even more juice! ….. here’s the rest of the email from Digi Article Blaster 1.1

Hi Scott,

You asked, so we delivered…

Digi Article Blaster has now been updated to version 1.1. This update contains a host of new features including…

– Full DeathByCaptcha integration, so you can use your existing DBC account to bust through those irritating captchas
– Credential checking: confirm your captcha service details are correct before blast to ensure maximum blasting power
– Increased success rate for directory sign-up
– Spinning enabled in the article title and resource box

A quick reminder of what Digi Article Blaster does for you:

– Saves you hours by completely automating the process of article submission
– Gets you in to over 150 article directories with its built-in database
– Cracks captchas on autopilot using DeCaptcher, BypassCaptcha and now DeathByCaptcha power
– Builds so many backlinks the searchbots can’t fail to notice you, giving you lightning-fast indexing
– Spins 1000s of random articles from a few standard spin tags

Check it out now –

The New Digi Article Blaster 1.1



P.S. This hugely popular plugin has already sold over 600 copies… check out some of the fantastic DigiBlaster comments about DigiArticleBlaster on the Warrior Forum -

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