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Is A Squeeze Page The Same As A Capture Page

Squeeze Page
The Same As A Capture Page

Simply put a squeeze page is one of the most important pages on your website or blog, but exactly what is a squeeze page? Anytime you enter a new field of discipline there’s a new vocabulary to learn. Most industries have a lot of their own jargon that can sound very odd and be very confusing to anyone who is just getting started. Making money online or Online marketing is that way. There are a lot of terms that are weird sounding and unfamiliar. One of the most weird sounding terms is: squeeze page.

The more thorough your understanding of any business the better the chance for your to succeed in it. Don’t be fooled by those who proclaim “easy money” “thousands overnight” “rags to riches” …..anyone who’s experienced true and continued success had invested the time to learn internet marketing…. inside and out. To truly be successful in any industry, including internet marketing, you must have a basic knowledge of the terms. In this article I’m not going to teach you what all the terms mean but I will teach you what a squeeze page is and what it is used for.

A Squeeze Page
Builds Your List

List building is goal number one for making money online. A squeeze page is also sometimes called a capture page. This is a page on your website or blog that is set up specifically to get people to sign up for, or optin, to your email list.

The whole point is to use your squeeze page kind of like a funnel. You want to draw them in with an enticing title than you want to guide them so they take the action you want them to take; which is to sign up for your list.

In order to make this work there are several elements your squeeze page should have and several elements you should never include on a squeeze page:

What is On A Squeeze Page


1. Add a strong headline. Good headlines will usually be something that does one of three things:

  • piques curiosity,
  • creates some sort of fear,
  • or asks a question.

When coming up with your headline try to think of exactly how your visitor will benefit from the aspects of your freebie offer.

2. Bullet points. Adding bullet points is another way for you to point out just what your freebie will offer to your visitor. You don’t want to give them all the information, if you do they won’t need to sign up, but you want to provide them with enough information to make it clear that they will miss out if they don’t sign up. Bullet points help people gather info from your webpage quickly… people have become scanners more so than readers.

3. It is optional but if you choose you can include a video in your squeeze page. Making a short video that highlights the enormous advantages of your freebie can be very effective. If you have a video it’s still a good idea to include bullet points just to reinforce your message. Using video is an entire class in itself, however, you need to understand that it works but only by using certain techniques on different sites and pages, especially when it comes to squeeze pages.

Understand What Not
To Do On Squeeze Pages


1. Don’t put adds or any type of navigation on your squeeze page. You don’t want them to do anything but sign up. The last thing you want is some distractions. Remember the funnel I talked about above? Don’t distract them just keep them moving to what you want them to do which is to sign up for your list.

2. Deliver what you promised. When a visitor enters your squeeze page and they sign up for your list don’t bombard them with sales pitches. Continue to give them top quality information.

3. Don’t spam your list. After you convince them to sign up to your list on your squeeze page…. treat them as you would like to be treated. I can’t tell you how many lists I’ve joined thinking I would get quality information. While the original download might be good, it’s what comes after that gets annoying. Sometimes I’ll get multiple emails a day telling me I should buy this thing or get that class or join this membership if I really want to get rich online. It’s important to realize that these types of marketers have absolutely no interest in your success online and simply want you to buy through their link so they can make a few bucks.

Keep these basics for building an effective squeeze page in mind when you start putting yours together. Remember the optimal outcome is that your website visitor will sign up for your list and you can allow them to get to know you and trust you and, hopefully, buy from you at some point.

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