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mobile websites and mobile marketingIf you own a business, the internet plays a big part of your business and if it isn’t it surely will be. Once restricted to the desktop, websites today are capable of being displayed on a variety of mobile platforms, gaming platforms and other machines such as tablets or ipads. Since the advent of smartphones, mobile websites have given rise to mobile website marketing and this allows just about anyone to enter the internet marketing arena especially those with offline business models.

The internet evolves quickly and just when you think you have a handle on your business website things change, today with the advent of mobile devices that connect to the internet you need a specially formatted website, mobile website, that will show properly and easily on handheld devices that connect to the internet. It’s exciting to know that a properly formatted mobile website will increase the value of both your business and your business website because more of your customers and clients will have access to your information and store. Today so many prospects are out and about, they want information now…. thus the rise in fast loading, information packed mobile websites which make mobile marketing possible.

Mobile Marketing to Overtake Personal PC

Mobile searches are going on constantly from mobile phones and other devices and these searches aren’t necessarily confined to big cities. Our good friend Google reports that search volume increases 150% a year and is consistent year after year, in fact, it increases year after year and Google predicts mobile search to grow and over take desktop search. One fact remains, these mobile devices only increase in power and ability each year and provide mobile website developers with options for developing mobile websites that have functions they could have only dreamed of 2 years ago, and these added abilities only give the local business another opportunity to make more money.

Mobile Marketing for Offline Marketers

Obviously this does not mean that the marketing experts are exactly trying to take advantage of the full power of these smartphones for mobile marketing and advertising, in actuality it is actually quite the contrary. As the processing power increases with the new mobile devices, designing mobile websites displaying advertising becomes much easier. This suitable environment causes it to become more effective to advertise to mobile devices whereas in the past it was mainly possible while using more costly models which have been less common until recently. In case you wondered, Google is really the only search engine you need to worry about when considering mobile marketing. Google takes advantage of its wide-spread reach to nearly all mobile devices and it has adapted to those connected with mobile accessibility and stature. One interesting fact is that Google has configured their keyword research tool to specifically deal with the results from mobile search statistics.

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