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Suddenly Brick and Mortar Business Owners Wonder If They Need a Mobile Website

Suddenly Brick and Mortar
Business Owners Wonder If
They Need a Mobile Website

image of mobile website for mobile marketingTimes are tough and business owners are now wondering if they not only need a website but a mobile website also.

There are a few things to consider when contemplating whether they should deploy a mobile website.

What is your target market and do you understand what they need. Even businesses that serve the same market are different from each other and almost all businesses serve people in a wide age range, if you think that only the young people are using smartphones and connected to the web on a mobile platform, you are making a big mistake. Older generations not using cell phone technology just doesn’t apply anymore. Although some older business owners are in the stone age it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore modern technology and dismiss the effectiveness of websites, both standard websites and mobile websites as they are finding out more and more of their customers find them and buy from them through a mobile website version of their website.

Mobile Websites Increase Pofits

If your work or business involves dealing with other business owners, then it is imperative that you invest in an effective mobile website. You and your business might deal more with consumers so you might dismiss a mobile website, don’t make that mistake because a mobile website can be used for directions, special offers, coupons, contact info or even something like item of the day. Today it isn’t unusual for people to purchase just about anything online and that mindset is carrying over to mobile devices as well, all you need is traffic to your site and you’ll see results. Amazon is a good example of this, they have a mobile version of their website which is simple, easy to navigate and purchasing is similar to their main website the only difference is the size of the space because of the mobile device, people buy from their mobile site.

Mobile Web Pro Templates and Mobile Device Script

Another thing to realize about Amazon is that they know which aspects of their main website are important and they’ve reduced and made those functions available on the mobile site, things like a recommendations list and the secure shopping cart. Amazon makes a ton of cash from the main website, people have gotten used to purchasing online and aren’t afraid to leave their personal information at the site, this degree of comfort needs to be carried over to the mobile version of the website to make it successful. One way that Amazon has conveyed a degree of comfort for their mobile website is by setting up a thorough FAQ section which answers questions or problems regarding the mobile version of the website.

Increase In Smartphones Means Mobile Websites

Hopefully this article answered some of your questions about mobile websites and given you the push needed to get one set up. You might think you’d obtain next to nothing from getting one, however, the fact that 71% of Mobile phone consumers will likely search for more information on their personal Smartphones when they look at a Television, press or an e-commerce advertising; it makes you wonder if you’re leaving money on the table by not including a smartphone website into your online marketing plan. Nonetheless, cell phone consumption is increasing and ninety percent of the world exists in a place from where they are able to receive wireless access.

Mobile Web Pro Templates and Mobile Device Script

You might not want to spend the cash for a mobile website today, but sooner or latter you will have a mobile website or your competition, the one with the mobile website will quickly overtake you. Why don’t you try to run a poll on your website to see what your customers think about mobile sites. Before you do your polling it would be wise to share some of the benefits a mobile website would bring to your customers since they may think you are just trying to get more money out of them, tell them of special discounts, easy buying, special offers and the fact that all their data will still be safe and protected.

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