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PLR ATM by Tiffany Down Offers Money Making Business Opportunity

PLR ATM by Tiffany DowI don’t think you’ll find a better plr writer and producer than Tiffany Dow. For years she has been a ghost writer for some of the largest and most important internet marketing experts. In fact, she has provided material for Jimmy D Brown, someone I consider to be the father of the PLR and Resale Markets.

Tiffany Dow has also been a major contributor to the Warrior Forum over the years adding value with each post.

Well, Tiffany has been very successful switching from ghost writing to writing PLR or private label packages of articles and or books. In fact, at the risk of sounding hypey, you can start your own PLR business within days of reading her new book, PLR ATM.

Tiffany is a generous person….which is good for us. She has put together a course called PLR ATM. I’m excited because I know for a fact that she has taken the process she uses to create an online income. All we have to do is follow it! This isn’t some rehashed plr material but its all original and is a virtual recipe for you to start making money online.

Anyway, I got an email from Tiffany and I thought I’d post it here. You might find it helpful.

By the way…don’t forget to click on PLR ATM and grab a copy….I know you’ll love it!

Hi Scott!

Everyone always wants to know tips on becoming a super affiliate.
Today I was looking at affiliate stats from people promoting PLR
ATM and I saw one person whose promotion stood out and I wanted to
share a few tips from their success.

The affiliate’s name is Nicole Dean – she owns the domains: and – among others.

From spying on her promotion, here are some things we all should be
emulating from Nicole, considering she converts at about 22%:

1. Have a personality. I dislike marketing blogs and lists that
don’t tell me who someone is. I want to know more than whether or
not you recommend something because to be honest, you might be
recommending it just for money.

I want to know if you’re fun and quirky or serious and stern. On
her blog, you get to see what a good-natured person she is – and
it’s infectious. You feel like she’s a friend. FRIENDS recommends
things that we take to heart. Marketers just advertise.

2. Be a protective parent to your list. One thing I noticed is that
many of her buyers emailed me to say, “I bought on the
recommendation of Nicole Dean – she’s never led me astray.” Another
told me they didn’t even know what the product was but because
Nicole said to buy it, they did. That’s powerful!

I try to do the same. I haven’t ever lowered myself to a reciprocal
JV just because that’s the way it’s done. If I don’t like something
AND feel like it’s affordable for my list AND relevant, it doesn’t
get past the gate with me.

3. Go above and beyond for those who buy through your link.
Sometimes, this is frowned upon but the majority of vendors LOVE it
when you offer some sort of bonus to your list. So Nicole set up
three bonus items for her buyers of PLR ATM.

First, she allows the buyer to ask her ANY question about starting
a PLR site after they’ve gone through the course. And then she’s
compiling the questions and compiling it into a freebie for all the

Second, she’s giving away a free lesson on how to hire a writer –
for those outsourcing the PLR content.

And third, she’s giving away her “Protect Your Online Business From
Disaster” guide.

So she makes it even more irresistible to the viewer. I’ve learned
a TON from this launch, but you don’t just learn from YOUR side of
the fence – you learn from watching your affiliates, too. Why does
Nicole convert higher than the spammy guys? Because she cares about
her list – and it shows.

Nicole’s link is here, by the way – in case you want to purchase
through her link and get her bonuses:

She’s someone worthy of following. Never heard an unkind or
unethical word about her. These types of marketers are so few and
far between that we have to spread the word about each other so
that the scammers get squeezed out of the industry altogether.

Tiff ;)

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