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PLR Content – Is It Considered Duplicate Content?

Do you want to start a firestorm on a forum? Just mention the word duplicate content and plr content in the same sentence. If there’s one thing that scares an internet marketer more than anything else, it has to be the fear of having all their sites delisted because of duplicate content. But what if I said you had a better chance of being ‘eaten by a shark’ then you would of being picked up for violating this regulation set out by Google and the other search engines! I wonder if there really is a duplicate content filter?

Expelling The Myth Once And For All

So when in the past has a site been delisted directly as a result of using PLR content? Very rarely I can tell you! In fact I haven’t met a single marketer who uses PLR content that has been caught violating the duplicate content rule. So what does this mean? It means that whatever you’ve been told about the connection between PLR content and the duplicate content rule is for want of another word completely ‘bogus’.

We all know that when you purchase PLR content, the chances are you’re going to have to share it with a certain number of marketers. This in affect has been a major deterrent from purchasing such content, even though the real truth is, it’s completely safe.

So What Is The Duplicate Content Rule?

micro_niche_finder.jpgThe duplicate content rule affects those who copy a site, word for word, as well as duplicating the exact same design and layout of the other site in question. Well of course you will get delisted if you do this! You may as well download someone else’s site and re-upload it to your own server under a different domain! So in reality, the only time you will get nailed on duplicate content is when you put up a webpage or website the is an exact duplicate of someone elses webpage or website…including your own.

Using PLR content however on a completely unique looking site, won’t set off the search engines red lights and bells at all and, think about it, why should it?  OK…the content on your site may be similar or the same as someone elses, but you may also have some other unique content that will benefit the visitors to your site.

Here’s a little secret…but first I want you to think about how many ebooks, websites, graphics, articles or special reports that you have on your harddrive. Now think about how much of this material has actually been used? The truth is more than 90% of the plr material purchased is left sitting on someone’s hard drive. That means less than 10% of the plr material purchased actually gets used.

This means if you are motivated, ambitious ….well, you stand a very good chance of getting ranked very well for the plr material you purchase and use.

Rewriting PLR Content

I bet I know what you’re thinking. Your thinking “why has this guy been telling us this whole time that PLR content is completely safe and now he’s going to talk about rewriting!” Well the truth is there are more advantages to using unique content then there is for using just straight copied PLR content.

Remember if your ambitious and make even minimum changes to any plr material you purchased you will get rated well.



If you are pressed for time, just changed the article title. Next in importance would be to change a sentence in the beginning of the article and then go down to the last paragraph and either add a sentence or two…..or change a sentence or two.

********SUPER SECRET*******.
…..when changing any sentence, make sure it is one with your keyword or keyword phrase in it!


Think about it for a minute. Would the search engines be more likely to rank a page with unique content rather then a page that has the same content found elsewhere? Of course! Now you’re thinking “what’s the point in having PLR content then?” Well when we say rewrite that only means rewriting a fraction of the PLR content you have available. Changing 25% would be a good amount to aim for, which should take you barely any time at all. An article that is different by 25% insures your pages are going to be considered as being unique content by the search engines. Your article will be considered more unique and will be given more weight than those articles that are copied word for word.


Want to learn more about PLR content…..learn from the guys who use it to make a nice profit month after month. That’s what internet marketing is all about…..learning from others who have already made the mistakes and learned to methods or ‘secrets’ involved in at least one aspect of internet marketing. So, check out the kings of PLR Content!

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  1. People do rewrite their PLR content most of the time, or at least tweak it a little to make it more unique. But, I wonder how much of the duplicate content theory is really true. I see a lot of duplicate content when searching for things, and the fact that it’s duplicated doesn’t seem to hurt it much in the search engine rankings.

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