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PLR Rights to Jimmy D Brown Ebay Package

ebay plr packageEbay and Amazon were pioneers in the making money online business. Everyday people search for ways to make money online with Ebay or Amazon because they know other people who are successful …..they just don’t know how to get started.

Internet Marketing, the term applied to making money online, started off as a wart on these two ….through affiliate programs and directly through selling your own products in auctions on ebay. Actually, you probably already know that ebay also has an affiliate program, if you are approved you can pick a niche and start promoting other peoples auctions and collect on a portion of the sale. Amazon has an affiliate program …..they practically started online affiliate marketing and its what made the company successful ….they now have another way to make money and that’s through Kindle.

31-Day Guide To Making Money On eBay

What most internet marketers don’t realize is that Jimmy D Brown was one of the first individuals who organized the concepts of selling materials online into a teachable format. In fact, Private Label Rights commonly known as PLR was started by Jimmy D Brown. As far as I know, Jimmy was the first to get a handle on and began to sell Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights and PLR rights. If you don’t think the “rights” concept is big, go to the Warrior Forum and check out some of the wso’s….. you’ll surely find 10, 20 or more offers each week with some sort of resell rights attached. Many stay at home moms write articles and sell them as PLR…. they make a nice income! Tiffany Dow, a student of Jimmy’s, created a course called PLR ATM and teaches about how to set up your own private label store… dare I say 100’s have taken her teachings and started their own little PLR businesses…. click here and you can too!

31-Day Guide To Making Money On eBay

Well, Jimmy D Brown not only was the grandfather of internet marketing, HE IS one of the foremost teachers of internet marketing and creators of content today!

I always kick myself for chasing after some new and great idea only to see it fizzle out. If I would have spent the last 10 years doing everything Jimmy D Brown said, bought all his material, sold all his materials and actually did everything he said to do….. I would be a rich man! I hate to admit that….. but its true. Not only would I be rich, but I would have a better understanding of making money online and would be able to help a lot more people than I do now.

You won’t see the name “Jimmy D Brown” plastered all over the place. You won’t get a bunch of spam from him or anyone representing him. There is so much noise out there in the world of “Internet Marketing” and “Making Money Online” that it becomes confusing if you’re looking for a mentor or teacher. It’s next to impossible to figure out who to trust. It’s sad to hear from people who’ve invested in John or Jane Doe’s course and ebooks only to find out their teacher has been online only a year more than they were. Do you really think someone can absorb, learn and understand the intricacies of internet marketing after being online for a year? Obvisoulsy not!

Well…. I thought I would make more of an effort to promote Jimmy’s materials simply because he is trustworthy and a man of good character. You won’t go wrong with anything you purchase from him and of course he guarantees anything you might purchase. More than that…. you can be confident that you’re learning the correct procedures when it comes to the process of making money online or internet marketing.

Also, you can jump start your own internet marketing business by reselling some of the materials he puts together. For instance, Jimmy is selling PLR rights to a product called “The 31-Day Guide To Making Money On Ebay”  At this point I’m shooting myself in the foot….. this is good stuff and all I’m doing is increasing my competition. Right?  Not really, the internet is a huge, huge place. We can’t comprehend the size of the world wide web anymore than we can fully understand the size of the American debt.

Not only is the market huge… as I said above, ebay was one of the first ways to make money online. People are hurting today and looking for ways to make easy money online and ebay is one of the first ways they think about but have no idea how to get started. My wife is a prime example, the internet is a foreign thing to her and to sell something on ebay would take her days if not weeks until she figured it out. Face it, there are people that are Internet ignorant…… yet they know enough to go into Google and search for information on how to sell things on ebay. If you provide them with a solution to their problem…. you’ll make a sale. If you apply that one simple concept to all you do online….. you will eventually began to start making money. People use the internet to solve their problems, find a niche with disposable income and you could make a lot of money!

This is where you come in with The 31-Day Guide To Making Money On Ebay,  you can sell it as it is or completely rewrite it with our own spin. This ebay guide sells for $30 without any rights at all. Your PLR license opens up so many different possibilities for making some extra money online. Consider what the master has to say:

This is a complete PLR package…articles, ebook, salespage and more.
You get a 56 page guide that is in Microsoft Word .doc format so you can completely edit it.

Also you’ll receive a high quality html salesletter designed to sell your product, edit as necessary.

Plus you get 3 high quality plr articles that cover making money with ebay, once again, edit these aritcles…post on your blog or submit to the article directories

Here’s a few ideas Jimmy shares on what you can do with this PLR content:

With your PLR license you can…

Sell the guide basically as it is (with some minor tweaks to make it “yours”) for $30 just as I am currently doing. (Sell just 2 copies and you’re profiting!) It is ready to go!

Break it up into smaller chunks and use it as the foundation of a membership site that you charge $10-$20 per month to join!

Take the guide and convert it into a 31-day “eclass” that you charge $197-$497 to access where you simply answer questions that the customer has about each day’s lesson!

Break up the content into smaller reports that you sell for $15-$25 each!
Use the content to create a “physical” product that you sell for premium prices! (Book, multimedia product, etc.)

Convert it to audios, videos, membership site content, viral reports, ezine articles, etc. to use as free incentives and more!

Create your own original product from it, set it up at a site and “flip” the site for megabucks!

Remember, the book gets sold for $30 with no rights. For $37 you can get the complete package and set up an evergreen product because you know Ebay is never going to go away!

Click Here to get your PLR copy of “31-Day Guide To Making Money On eBay®”

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