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Using PLR Content with Long Tail Keywords

Do you own any websites where the traffic comes from long tailed keywords and not the main keyword? I set my sites up so that about 60% of the traffic comes from the long tailed keywords and not the mail keyword. Therefore how can we exploit the long tail keywords of individual niches in a way that will maximize traffic without spamming the search engines?

OK, What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are basically keywords that contain the main keyword(name of the niche) plus other words. For example if the main keyword was ‘making money’ an example of a long tail would be ‘making Money in Chicago’.

Why Should I Really Care About Long Tails?

To honestly answer that question you need to understand what “competitiveness” is. Long tail keywords are associated with low competition in the search engines, meaning you do not have many webpages that have your longtailed keyword phrase. Well you may think “so what, hardly anyone searches for ‘making Money in Chicago’ or ‘dog training in Chicago’”. You’re right, but what if you had 50 pages that all targeted different long tail keywords? Let’s say the average amount of visitors that one of those keyword brings in a month is 100. Multiply that by 50 and you’ve got 5000 unique’s each and every month.

Go ahead and click on the image to learn more about PLR and long tailed keywords.

This is the key…., how difficult do you think it would be to rank for these longtailed keywords? Easy! That’s right, most long tail keywords are incredibly easy to rank for in the search engines. Actually on many occasions all that’s necessary would be to build and upload a webpage that has content targeted towards a long tail keyword ….plus as soon as it’s gets indexed by the search engines, you might find it ranking on the first page immediately, in the number 1 position!

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you should forget about targeting your main keyword and just focus on the long tails. By all means you should still have a page – usually your home page – that targets the main keyword for your niche, but you have to realize that almost all of the time it’s going to require a lot of SEO before you see any real traffic coming from that particular keyword. So, why not at the same time, build pages that will gain traffic faster and act as window pages into the main heart of your website?

But what if I can’t write or do not have the time to write 50 pages of content on my own?

This is Where PLR Content Comes to the Rescue

You’ll find PLR content is easily the quickest way of exploiting and targeting the long tails of any niche you’re working in. Why? Well it really depends on the type of PLR content you purchase or have access to, well written PLR articles are written around specific and intentional long tail keywords. That means you will be able to build pages that have content specifically optimized for individual long tail keywords, which the search engines will absolutely love! If you don’t want to spend a lot of time writing article after article on topics like ‘making Money in Chicago’ or ‘zits on my nose’ and it’s not in your budget to pay someone to write these articles for you, PLR content, articles, are exactly what you need.

The key to success with PLR content is learning how to use it correctly. For instance, learning about longtailed keywords and plr articles. If you want to learn from the best and start taking advantage of your own PLR content, then below is the link to the top PLR content service in the world, which just got better, so why don’t you…….get PLR Articles with Long Tailed Keywords!

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